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Message from the Principal



In our recent conversations with teachers and parents, we have talked about one topic many times - students’ motivation for learning. Motivation for learning is the direct cause and internal drive that pushes people to learn. Learning motivation is important because it dominates learners’ learning behaviour and is a psychological process to stimulate, orient and maintain learning behaviour.



Motivation is essential for effective long-term, meaningful learning. Learners with high levels of motivation also have high levels of achievement. But, on the contrary, high levels of achievement can also produce high motivation levels. So how to develop students’ motivation to learn?


斯坦福大学教育学院院长Deborah Stipek博士和教育学者Kathy Seal在其《Motivated Minds》一书中为我们提供了非常好的启发。他们通过广泛的研究,结合持续的课堂实践,认为教师和家长可以通过帮助学生培养成功的关键要素——胜任能力、自主性、好奇心和重要人际关系来提升他们的学习动机,从而为学习打下坚实的基础。

Dr. Deborah Stipek, deans of the Stanford University School of Education, and educationist Kathy Seal, provide excellent inspiration in their book ‘Motivated Minds’. Using extensive research combined with ongoing classroom practice, teachers and parents can improve their learning motivation by helping students cultivate the key elements of success - competence, autonomy, curiosity and important relationships to enhance their motivation to learn.



Both at school and home, we need to set students practical tasks that allow them to continue to feel competent and to continue to improve their competence as they continue to experience success; to develop autonomy in their learning and encourage them to be independent in their learning tasks and to develop regular habits of living and studying, and to protect their curiosity - It also helps students to build up their psychological energy by allowing them to build up good interpersonal relationships with teachers, peers and parents and children.



It is not easy to maintain a high level of motivation. However, we hope that with the support of teachers and parents, our students will experience a purposeful and meaningful learning journey that ignites interest and inspires passion.



Sincere greetings to all Huili Community.





Ivey Wang

Principal of Huili School Hangzhou



Sixth Form Matters


Studying in Australia – Part 2


In last week’s edition of The Week Ahead, I had discussed the academic and practical benefits of an Australian university degree programme. This week, I would like to highlight the advantages beyond the lecture theatres and seminars and focus on quality of life.


令人兴奋的环境 Exciting environment


澳大利亚是个融合了城市风光、摄人心魄的自然奇观和独一无二的野生动物的国家,吸引着络绎不绝的各国游客。 想象一下,在肯辛顿区的悉尼大学听完一上午的讲座后,既可以前往驰名世界的邦迪海滩学学冲浪,又可以去名列世界七大自然奇观的大堡礁悠然度过周末、探索海洋生物,还可以驾车在内陆兜风,在前往考拉保护区的沿途说不定还能偶遇蓝企鹅和袋鼠。澳大利亚这座奇妙的岛屿会赋予人无数能让人铭记一生的珍贵时光。

With a wonderful blend of urban cities, beautiful natural wonders and unique wildlife, it is no surprise that Australia continues to attract visitors worldwide. Just imagine, after a morning of lectures at the University of Sydney in Kensington, you could be at the world-famous Bondi beach learning to surf. Or you could spend a long weekend exploring marine life in the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Or you could take a drive through the outback past some kangaroos on the way to a koala sanctuary or meet blue penguins. There are endless opportunities to make lifetime memories on this wondrous island.


多样性 Diversity



澳大利亚向来自192 个不同国家的50余万国际留学生敞开怀抱。中国学生是留学生中占比最大的留学生,意味着中国学生去其他国家定居时,能找到来自不同背景的同龄人和朋友,将真正地沉浸在文化大熔炉中,以全球公民的身份在世界上找到自己的定位。

More than half a million international students from 192 countries have been welcomed into Australian life. With Chinese students making up the biggest share of international students, it means that our homegrown pupils will be able to find peers and friends from different backgrounds as they settle into a new country. They will indeed embrace being in the melting pot of cultures and finding their place in the world as global citizens.


时区 Time Zone 




Students often start their academic years with excitement and trepidation, but as the day to day realities of being away from everything familiar sets in, they begin to feel homesick. With the time difference between Hangzhou and Australia ranging from 0 to 3 hours, it is easier to stay in touch with loved ones back home.


在决定去哪里上大学时,学术之外的因素与学位课程和学校一样都是重要的考量因素。学生在新环境中幸福与否将深刻影响其是否能在大学中茁壮成长。在生活质量方面,澳大利亚常居世界前十(如全球资料库网站Numbeo 排行榜排名第五,U.S. News 排名榜第六)。澳大利亚拥有丰富学术课程的著名大学,是追求高等教育的理想之地。

When deciding where to go to university, non-academic factors must be given as much consideration as the degree programmes and institutions. Whether or not a student is happy in their new environment will significantly impact their ability to thrive at university. Australia regularly features in the top 10 countries globally for quality of living (for example, 5th on Numbeo, 6th on U.S. News). This admirable focus on population wellbeing and having prestigious universities offer rich academic programmes make Australia ideal to pursue higher education.




Upcoming events




Tufts are offering live virtual tours conducted by campus tour guides. You will gain a better sense of the university campus while also asking questions directly to current students.



Here’s what other prospective students had to say about our virtual tour experience: 


“ 线上参观让塔夫茨大学活灵活现地呈现在屏幕中。Zoom视频的方式往往很容易让人抓不住重点或者重复繁琐,但是他们的线上参观完全不一样,他们与参与者积极愉快互动,让我们全面地参观了校园。”

“Their authenticity made Tufts come alive through the screen. It’s easy for zoom calls to blend together or be super repetitive, but this was neither. Instead, they gave a very comprehensive tour while actively and joyously engaging with participants.”



Register for a virtual tour to see what the hype is all about and learn even more about Tufts. 





The University of Buckingham offers webinars, giving in-depth information on a range of subjects such as Biomedical SciencesPodiatric MedicineBusinessHumanitiesSocial Sciences, with many more webinars covering other subjects to come soon. 



Their webinars are designed to offer plenty of opportunities for students to ask questions to both our academic staff and students.



Click on the link below for further details.



Hatty Leung


Head of Sixth Form



Junior High Matters



Junior High have been thinking about their future careers this week. Woven into their curriculum subjects, pupils have been exposed to the vast opportunities for their future paths and carried out activities relating to how the subject is used in various careers. So please do share your career with your child this week and the variety of skills and knowledge that have led to your success.  



Next week is Science Week with the theme of innovation. We have planned a week of exciting practicals and competitions to engage our pupils alongside a science fair to showcase the superb scientific skills and knowledge that our pupils have gained in Huili. At the end of the week, we are inviting parents to our next open day, where you will celebrate your child’s work and see the range of activities they have been participating in.



We look forward to seeing you in Junior High.


Laura Perry


Head of Junior High



Upper Primary Matters



This week began with our whole school flag-raising ceremony. As an expat teacher, it was a new experience when I joined Huili four years ago. Now it forms a key part of the weekly school calendar. Every Monday, pupils arrive smartly dressed in red scarves, ready for the upcoming week. It is an opportunity for pupils to gather together as a community, share key messages and celebrate national and international events. 



Within the upper primary, we have recently held an election for captain and vice-captain of young pioneers to promote young pioneer spirit, develop role models and enhance democracy. Since the announcement of the election process on 21 February, 16 pupils from grades 3-6 participated. They each prepared an election speech, and all classes voted after watching the speech. As a result, Cathy Ding from 5B was elected as the captain of young pioneers and Alex Lin from 6A as the vice-captain. On 7 March, the Young Pioneers assembly was held in the theatre. Mr Shen, the party branch secretary, delivered a speech to congratulate the opening of the Young Pioneers assembly.



Charlotte Fong


Assistant Head of Primary



Lower Primary Matters



The warmer weather brings a new sense of excitement and energy that has filled our classrooms and learning spaces. From discovering insects and ‘living’ creatures returning to the first sight of our new vegetables growing, our outdoor environment offers a wonderful learning experience. It allows for new opportunities that cannot easily be found elsewhere. 



For us, the outdoors is where we investigate changes in nature, experience seasonal weather and celebrate a myriad of springtime events. To maximize its potential and give our children the best experience of the new season, we have installed a greenhouse that has seen much learning taking place over the last few days and is fast becoming a hub of creativity, inspiration and imagination. 



We are all looking forward to welcoming you into our school and learning environments on Friday for our termly parent-teacher conferences (PTCs). Our PTCs are an excellent opportunity for you to meet with your child’s class teachers, form a better understanding of your child’s progress, celebrate their achievements and plan for those next steps to ensure they achieve the very best outcomes at the end of the final term this year.



Have a wonderful weekend.


Conrad Botha


Head of Early Years and Lower Primary



English Department Matters


English staff have been overwhelmed with the talent on display from our creative writing competition entries. Choosing winners was such a difficult task due to our pupils’ writing strength. The tasks, to write a Chinese New Year-themed poem and a persuasive article exploring the negative implications of widespread internet use, were met with full engagement and enthusiasm. 


WeChat Image_20220311103426.jpg



Congratulations go to our winners:


  • 新春诗歌 For poetry:

Poseidon W (第一名)、Benson Z(第二名)、Karen Z (第三名)

Poseidon W (1st place), Benson Z (2nd place) and Karen Z (3rd place)


  • 远离网络作文 For the persuasive article:

John L (第一名)、Andy J (第二名)、Angela S (第三名)

John L (1st place), Andy J (2nd place) and Angela S (3rd place) 


敬请期待下周在Dukebox Radio上展示的所有获奖选手的作品。

You can expect to hear all our winners’ submissions appearing on Dukebox Radio next week.



A reminder about our current Wellington-wide competition inviting pupils to share their creative writing. Poetry, fiction and non-fiction writing are all welcome, with prizes awarded for the best entries. Please send submissions directly via email to: dragana.popovic@wellingtoncollege.cn by 13 May. Best of luck to all our aspiring writers.




English Department



Sports Matters



This week has been a busy week for sports. The week’s highlight was both the boys and girls’ U12 football teams competing within the finals of the Xiaoshan District competition. The boys placed 10th within the competition and demonstrated some great skill. The U12 girls’ football, on the other hand, was a dominant force winning all three games and crowned division two champions. The team have made vast improvements and beat their final opponents 2-0, the same team that beat them 8-0 in October. On Monday, the junior high girls’ volleyball team lost 18-25 to local school Guali. They put up a tough fight and lost to a very experienced team. Our team has only been training for a few months. On Wednesday we saw our badminton team play against Xuejun School. Many of Xuejun’s players were from their sixth form. Our badminton team played courageously with a win in female singles and doubles. Our U12 basketball team played against the local side Began Primary School on Thursday. The team were dominant in their first game this year, winning confidently and demonstrating a lot of skill.



We look forward to hosting several fixtures next week in various sports.



Nathan Witter


Director of Sport



Performing Arts Matters



Drama is an essential tool for preparing anyone to live and work in an increasingly team-orientated world rather than a hierarchical one. Drama also helps students develop tolerance and empathy.  



Drama is a valuable resource that can be used to learn many subjects, specifically in learning literacy skills — to learn languages and develop reading and speaking skills. It also helps students understand different points of view and speak up.



Our Head of Dance and Drama, Mrs Dever, interviewed Ms Zhang, our performing arts Teaching Assistant, a skilful and talented actress, musician, and dancer. Ms Zhang has a passion for education, and we have had the honour of working with her since February 2021. Ms Zhang is a vivid example of the benefits of performing arts in a person’s life. 


Please listen to the bilingual podcast that our radio presenter, Mr Bailey, helped make for our Duke Box Radio.



Alejandro Montoya


Director of Performing Arts



Community Matters



On International Women’s Day, 8 March, International Schools Online (ISO) platform invited Ms Ivey Wang, Principal of Huili School Hangzhou, to share her thoughts on education innovation and international education. Please find the link below to the full article.




Marketing Department



Dukebox Matters




Please click on the link below to tune into our Dukebox radio to enjoy various shows throughout the week. https://dukeboxradio.cn/ 



Listen from 9:00-12:00 every weekday for “Marty James Morning Show”, “The big yellow bus show” at 6:00, Baz’s Motown Classics at 18:00, Dukebox Best Ever Song Show at 20:00 and the Rock Show at 22:00.


错过直播也不必担心,校园电台还有专属“回放”服务 。点击相应活动日期和时间,开启回放。

Don’t worry if you missed any of the live shows as you can access them all on our exclusive “Catch Up” service:  https://dukeboxradio.cn/china-catchup/  

Click on the date and time of the show you missed and “Listen Again”.



Please click to view podcasts being created by our pupils and staff: https://dukeboxradio.cn/podcast-archive/    



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Martin Bailey


Dukebox Presenter