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Message from the Principal



The Qingming Festival falls next week. It has two connotations of nature and humanity. It is not only a festival for people to get close to nature but also a traditional festival to worship ancestors and pay tribute to national martyrs. From today, pupils can start honouring martyrs online on the Hangzhou Second Class WeChat account and listen to stories about Chinese revolutions, learn more about the history, their heroic deeds and spirit, present flowers and messages online to express their respect to the martyrs.



In the previous meetings with parents, I mentioned one of the characteristics that Oxford University admissions officers share that they highly valued in college admissions - altruism. Altruism is a noble characteristic that involves giving up one’s interests for the sake of others or the collective good. It is a noble character. When a nation embraces altruism, it can be vibrant and flourish. The cultural philosophy of altruism runs throughout the traditional Chinese culture. Confucianism advocates “benevolence”, putting oneself in the position of others, and loving others and society while loving oneself. Only by achieving and helping others can we develop and improve ourselves, realise our ideals and achieve our goals.



In Huili School, we encourage students to take responsibility, care for others, and actively participate in charitable activities inside and outside the school, to cultivate students’ altruistic spirit and grow into better Huili students in practising altruism.



During the Qingming holiday, parents can take their children close to nature under the permission of epidemic prevention and control requirements. They can visit the revolutionary martyrs’ Memorial Hall and martyrs’ cemetery, place martyrs’ flowers and express their grief.



We wish you and your family a meaningful Qingming holiday.




Ivey Wang

Principal of Huili School Hangzhou



Sixth Form Matters



I often meet with pupils and parents who are keen to know how a university application can be strengthened and how one can obtain a competitive edge over the thousands of other applicants. Students need to have a passion for learning their chosen subject and then clearly demonstrate this in their personal statements and essays. 


如何证明对所选科目的热爱呢?尽可能多地阅读相关材料并形成自己的观点。 阅读是加深和拓宽理解的绝佳方式,能在提高英语水平的同时更多地了解自己热爱的科目。在上大学之前花时间和精力选择相关书籍,仔细阅读、认真思考,能让招生老师看到学生具备学习和钻研的兴趣。

So how do you demonstrate a love for your subject? First, read as much relevant material as possible and form your own opinions. Reading is a fantastic way to deepen and broaden your understanding while improving your English and learning more about the subject you love. Put time and effort into selecting relevant books, reading them and thinking about them before applying to university. Then, the admissions officer can make a reasonable assumption that you will be an engaged and interested student.



I will be sharing a suggested reading list with pupils this week and encourage you to support your child in pursuing their academic interests.





Whenever you read a good book somewhere in the world, a door opens to allow more light. 


— 维拉·纳扎里安 Vera Nazarian






Upcoming events 







Discover Central New York Colleges and Universities



There will be a presentation from five top US colleges and universities (Colgate University, Hamilton College, Skidmore College, Syracuse University, and Union College). They will introduce you to the benefits of studying in Central New York state.



Please select a session below to register for the event:


frame (1).png



Thursday, 14 April 8:00am (EDT)



Please scan the QR code below to find the event introduction:






英格兰东北部的大学学习 - 学生生活网络研讨会

Discover Undergraduate Study in NE England - Student Experience Webinar




In this webinar, you can hear directly from East Asian students currently studying at UK universities - and ask them your questions about student life. Our student panel from Hong Kong (China), Japan, South Korea and Taiwan (China) will talk about their personal experiences in the UK. They will share top tips and valuable information and will answer your questions on topics such as:



Preparation - how do you choose a UK university, and what information is available?



How does university differ from school - and what does a typical day look like?



Moving to the UK - how can you settle into UK life, and how do you make new friends?



Accommodation - how do you find somewhere to live, and what is student accommodation like?



Employability - what internships are available during your course, and what other job opportunities can you find?



Top tips - what do you need to know before starting at a UK university?



Scan the QR code below to register:





Hatty Leung


Head of Sixth Form



Junior High Matters



Regularly reminding ourselves how fortunate we are and helping others who are in need is the responsibility of everyone in our community. Our House system enables our pupils to help others and create innovative ideas on how we can raise money or collect goods for charities across China and the world. This week saw Li House facilitate a sponsored run, where each house ran 100km to raise funds for Adream, a charity that supports schools that are not as fortunate as Huili to purchase sports equipment. In addition, Hui House facilitated the sale of refreshments during the sponsored run to raise money for the charity Smile, which supports medical care for children born with a cleft lip.  



Junior High pupils are encouraged and supported throughout the year to raise funds for a wide range of charities. We will continue to build on these successes to ensure that the ethos of giving to those less fortunate than ourselves is instilled into every Huili pupil’s values. We hope that every family has a restful Qing Ming break, and we look forward to seeing all of our pupils on our return.



Laura Perry


Head of Junior High



Upper Primary Matters


在过去的两个星期,小学部高年级邀请了高中部的Hatty Leung校长为六年级的同学们开展了关于“升学路径和职业规划”的讲座。同学们不仅了解到了自己在初中和高中阶段的学习内容,更对自己的职业发展有了初步的思考。

Over the past two weeks, our upper primary team had invited Ms Hatty Leung, Head of Sixth Form, to present a learning session on “Pathways and career plan” to G6 pupils. As a result, our pupils had a better understanding of the learning journey in junior high and sixth form and started thinking about their future career development.



Primary is a crucial stage for pupils to understand themselves and establish hobbies. Carrying out learning sessions on pathways and career development at this time will help pupils to think about their future and set up career goals. Regarding this topic, we have two suggestions for our pupils:



Establish career goals


此次活动中,许多同学分享了自己的职业理想:6B班的张渝涵(Shirley Zhang)同学计划在大学阶段主修药学,毕业后成为一名医生;6E班的慕时(Susan Mu)同学希望从事工商管理方面的工作;6A班的周轩屹 (Johnny Zhou)同学想成为一名光荣的消防战士……

Many pupils shared their dream jobs during the session. Shirley Z, from 6B, plans to major in pharmacy and become a doctor after graduation. Susan M from 6E hopes to do business management related work. Johnny Z from 6A wants to be a firefighter.



We hope that Huili pupils can follow their dreams and actively explore their hobbies and interests to establish a career goal, cultivating their potential in a more targeted way during their future learning life.



Set short-term and medium-term targets



Our pupils learned a lot about IGCSE and A-level exams during the session. Many pupils were surprised at how maths, science and ICT were important in junior high and sixth form learning. We hope that all pupils can set a short-term and medium-term target and corresponding action plans for themselves regarding academic performance, community activities and personal expertise, laying a good foundation for their next learning journey.




Alice Wang

Assistant Head of Primary



Lower Primary Matters




Our projects in lower primary blends content mastery, meaningful work, and personal connection to create powerful learning experiences for our children in terms of academic achievement and personal growth. It is an important time for us, and now more than ever, the world needs able young adults to hold the necessary skills and are confident in taking on the many challenges in our lives and the world they live in. Nothing can prepare them better than a project learning approach.


项目研习 (PBL) 能否提高学生的学业成绩?

Does project-based learning (PBL) raise pupil academic achievement?




Through the interest that projects spark, our children actively engage in real-world relevance for learning.



Projects allow for a deeper understanding and greater retention of content knowledge.



A great project can be transformative for any child. Seeing a real-world impact gives them a sense of agency and purpose.



Teachers work closely with active, engaged children doing meaningful work and share in the rediscovered joy of learning.



Our children enjoy using various technology tools, from research and collaboration to product creation and presentation.


当项目活动结合孩子的个人需求和预期的课程效果进行个性化定制时,学生在个人需求和课程成果方面都会得到明显改善。我们可以通过观察和评估学生如何在实际生活中应用新学到的概念来了解我们的孩子取得的学业进步以及他们习得的 21 世纪的技能。

When projects are tailored to meet the needs of all children and the expected curriculum offered, results will show improvement for a child on both ends of a spectrum. If our children gain skills for the 21st century and progress in their academic attainment, their achievement can be observed and assessed through how they apply a newly learned concept in practice and their daily lives.



Please enjoy time with your family during the Qing Ming break. We look forward to welcoming you back to school on Monday, 11 April 2022.


Conrad Botha


Head of Early Years and Lower Primary



English Department Matters


在国际英语奥林匹克竞赛的第一轮比赛中,惠立学子表现突出,荣获了多个奖项: 七个三等奖,七个二等奖和四个优秀奖。同学们勤奋努力、才华横溢,让我们为以下学生的精彩表现喝彩。

An awe-inspiring number of our pupils were awarded for their fantastic efforts in the first round of the International English Olympiad, with Huili as a collective gaining seven third-place awards, seven second-place awards and an impressive four excellence awards. Congratulations to the pupils below for their superb performances. What a hardworking and talented group of pupils.


Angela S, Steve L, Cindi Y, Zoe C, Karen Z, Frank X, Dora G, Wes W, Terry F, Linda L, Allen W, Jaden Zh, Betty Q, Joe J, Charles H, Lawrence L, David D, Lareina Zh, Walter L, Eason L, Nia Zh, Emma X, Maranda M, Sam X, Evian S, Lixin Zh


此外,将有九名同学将会参加定于4月10日(周日)举行的第二轮国际学术竞赛。Hanna C, Dora Ch, Jerry L, Zoe Ch, Henry H, Andy D, William Zh, Alisha W, 以及 Spencer S都将参加下一阶段的比赛。预祝所有参加这些比赛的学生好运。

Elsewhere, we have nine additional pupils participating in the second round of the International Academic Competition, scheduled for Sunday, 10 April. A very special mention to Hanna C, Dora Ch, Jerry L, Zoe Ch, Henry H, Andy D, William Zh, Alisha W, and Spencer S, all scheduled to participate in the next stage of the contest. Our team wishes the best of luck to all the pupils competing in these competitions.



Conversation Corner has started this week on the 4th floor JH Reading Space and will continue to run over the rest of the year. This activity, on Thursday lunchtimes, will allow pupils to have English conversations with teachers. Research shows that immersion is the best possible way to improve the acquisition of a second language, so, pupils, please do attend and enjoy practising your English speaking and listening skills.



所有的爱读书的学生请注意,随着文学周( 4月18日开始)的准备工作顺利进行,是时候为即将到来的“惠立极限阅读:阅读无处不在”的首次亮相做些思考了。欢迎各位提交在各种地方读书的照片,并附上书评。详情请参阅宣传海报,或咨询英文或中文老师。让我们一起享受阅读带来的快乐吧。

Attention all readers. With preparation for Literacy Week (beginning 18 April) well underway, it’s time to begin thinking creatively for the debut of our Huili Extreme Reading: Read Anywhere Challenge over the upcoming holiday. Pictures of yourselves enjoying books in various exciting locations accompanying book reviews are welcome. Please see the poster for further details and consult with your English or Chinese teacher. Happy reading.




English Department



Sports Matters


九年级学生正在继续为四月中旬的体育中考做准备。九年级的James Z同学将于四月三日参加萧山区100米赛跑比赛,预祝他比赛顺利。清明假期后将公布更多资讯。

Pupils in G9 have continued to train for their Zhongkao testing, which will take place in mid-April. We would like to wish James Z in G9 good luck. On 3 April, he will be competing in the 100m at the Xiaoshan district trials. A more detailed report will follow after the Qingming festival. 


Nathan Witter


Director of Sport



Performing Arts Matters



Being part of a musical ensemble brings numerous benefits to academic and personal development. Among those benefits are:



Confident Learning



Developing Social Skills



Teamwork Collaboration



Healthy Competition



Adding to the above, it gives us the perfect opportunity to practise our school values (courage, respect, integrity, kindness, and responsibility). It develops our school identity (Inspired, Intellectual, Independent, Individual, and Inclusive).



For the past two weeks, a few pupils from the orchestra from HSH Junior High and WCIH Senior School have been preparing for the Chamber Group competition. Pupils in this chamber group were requested to perform for 8 to 10 minutes without a conductor. It created a new challenge for us. We worked hard to improve the four pieces we prepared for the competition. 



Please scan the QR code below for our Duke Box radio and listen to the recording of our 12 wonderful musicians. They have excelled in developing excellent musical skills in such a short time. 





Unfortunately, this year’s competition has been cancelled due to the current restrictions. Please scan the QR code below to view the performance from our talented pupils.




Alejandro Montoya


Director of Performing Arts



Dukebox Matters



Please scan the QR code below to tune into our Dukebox radio to enjoy various shows throughout the week. 


Dukebox radio.png



Listen from 9:00-12:00 every weekday for “Marty James Morning Show”, “The big yellow bus show” at 6:00, Baz’s Motown Classics at 18:00, Dukebox Best Ever Song Show at 20:00 and the Rock Show at 22:00. For the full schedule, please scan the QR code below. 


Full schedule.png


错过直播也不必担心,校园电台还有专属“回放”服务 。点击相应活动日期和时间,开启回放。

Don’t worry if you missed any of the live shows, as you can access them all on our exclusive “Catch Up” service. Click on the date and time of the show you missed and “Listen Again”.


Catch Up.png



Please view the wonderful content created by our pupils and staff available in the podcast section.


podcast section.png



Please find below some of our ongoing podcast series and most recent episodes created by our pupils and staff.




The Three Squirrels Show: 


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三只松鼠  最近精彩.png




Grade 4 Enrichment: Diary Of:


三只松鼠 4年级.png



Here are some of our recurring podcasts if you missed any episodes and would like to catch up.



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Martin Bailey


Dukebox Presenter