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Message from the Principal



During Science Week, students from Primary and Junior High worked in teams to undertake a scientific journey by reviewing information, conducting independent investigations, and conducting experiments. The week culminated with group presentations in English that clearly expressed their ideas, understandings, views and knowledge points to the audience.    



Harvard Business Press's Harvard Management Mentor curriculum system includes presentation skills as one of individuals' top 10 soft skills. Countries worldwide have also listed communication skills as an essential part of defining the core skills that students will develop in the 21st century. In the future, students in the university admission process, by mastering the communication skills inherent in presentation skills and can show themselves more calmly during the interview, better show their advantages to the interviewer, significantly improve the opportunities for them to stand out from the crowd. Presentation competence will also help students in their future careers.



In Huili School, students are often asked to make team or individual presentations. Students who regularly work on their presentation skills can practise their verbal organisation, logical thinking, presentation skills and the ability to deal with unexpected situations. As we provide numerous opportunities for students to present both inside and outside the classroom, we are pleasantly surprised to find that students can express their opinions confidently, calmly and logically on the stage. We believe that students with good presentation skills will be well prepared for the various challenges of further education and life. In addition, they will be better equipped to cope with the changing world.





Ivey Wang

Principal of Huili School Hangzhou



Sixth Form Matters


This week's message from Sixth Form is about 'independence' and being an 'independent learner'. Students at university are required to be independent learners, meaning that they are expected to be able to demonstrate initiative and manage all their work on time. They should not need continuous instruction or monitoring. University students are expected to research various ideas through reading to understand their subject better. These study habits do not develop as soon as pupils attend university. Instead, they need to be practised and honed throughout school life. 



Here are some ways to help develop independent learning skills:


做好规划 Be organised


Make sure you are aware of what assignments are due and when. Then, start each one in advance to give yourself plenty of time to ask for help if you need to.


拓展学习 Study beyond the bare minimum


Your subject teachers will provide work that supports your learning outside of the classroom. If you have time to spare, even if it is only half an hour, spend some time consolidating or extending your understanding through further reading, trying more difficult questions, or watching related videos.


建立学习体系 Have a system


Develop a system for your notes. It might include having different folders for each subject, writing revision notes and making flashcards. Each pupil is different, and their systems may vary, but each pupil needs to have a system to maximise their learning potential.


善于反思 Be reflective


When you receive a marked piece of work from your teacher, read the comments carefully and think about how you can improve for the next assignment. Always learn from your previous mistakes. If you are not sure how to improve, ask your teacher.


Pupils who master these skills at school have an excellent foundation for learning at university. However, it is essential to take the initiative with one's own learning and exercise resilience. Being an independent student takes time and practice, and there is no better time than the present to begin developing these skills.




Upcoming webinars 






Info Session: School of Humanities


Rice University


Friday 25 March 10:00pm (CST)



Studying at Highly Selective Institutions in Canada, the UK, and the US


Cambridge, Johns Hopkins, Toronto


Tuesday 29 March 7:00pm (CST)



Raw and Unfiltered: Advice from Young Graduates


Middlebury, Davidson, Claremont McKenna


Tuesday 29 March 8:00pm (CST)



Undergraduate Student Panel


Cambridge, JHU, and Toronto


Thursday 31 March 7:00pm (CST)



Info Session: International Students


Rice University


Thursday 31 March 8:00pm (CST)


Hatty Leung


Head of Sixth Form



Junior High Matters



Exam preparation and technique is explicitly taught to pupils as they move towards their formal exams in Junior High. It is important that pupils are taught how to manage their time, think logically under exam conditions and can calm their nerves in both the run-up to their formal examinations and in the exams themselves. Mock exam weeks are currently taking place this week for Grade 10, as we carry out the final preparations for their IGCSEs. Pupils are studying hard, ensuring that they attend the many drop-in sessions, additional workshops and listen to the professional advice from our highly qualified and dedicated staff team.  



Next week, we celebrate the Li and Hui Houses charity events on 1 April. Li House is organising a sponsored run. We will be sending out a letter to encourage parents and our community to be involved, whilst Hui House is organising the sale of refreshments at the event and a community picnic.



Laura Perry


Head of Junior High



Upper Primary Matters


This week, upper primary pupils explored how their future can be shaped by their choices today. 



In the flag-raising ceremony, pupils were asked to consider their career aspirations. They were encouraged to think of popular professions that they could enter and explore alternative prospects based on their hobbies and interests. This speech inspired pupils to aim high and embrace their individuality and uniqueness so they can enjoy their future profession.




At Huili, we have high expectations of all our pupils and encourage them to make the most of every learning opportunity offered. Last week, our pupils prepared and presented their scientific learning with passion, and those who attended the science fair came away enlightened. Some children were even inspired to choose a field of science as their future career. The fair was a great success and an opportunity to experience what it is like to teach and be educated by our peers. Our young educators also learnt that when given a purpose for doing something, with hard work and focus, they can excel in ways they didn’t know were possible.



Class 5C built on these ideas in our weekly assembly when they spoke of resilience and shared the story of the swallow. They taught us that resilience is an important Huili Value as it helps us acquire the skills we need to be successful learners - even when it is hard. By being resilient and persistent when we find things challenging, we can overcome the obstacles that stand in our way, which helps us become high-achieving adults.


Jenny Stones


Deputy Head of Primary



Lower Primary Matters




The Arts curriculum at Huili School Hangzhou helps develop imagination, self-expression and creativity. Have you ever watched a child completely absorbed in drawing, painting or playing on the piano? Their total concentration is on creating something from nothing, using only their imagination and creativity to express thoughts, feelings, or ideas. It is a skill that we should want to nurture in all children.





“Art fosters experimentation more than many other subjects do. It gives children the freedom and choice to create something unique to them. Not only is this a healthy outlet for self-expression, but in today’s world, skills like creativity and innovation are highly valued.



The Arts curriculum helps to develop self-confidence, self-discipline, and resilience. As art is curriculum allows for the freedom of imagination and fascination, our children are often free to choose the direction they take, naturally end up internally asking themselves questions and solving problems as the work progresses. This can lead to a real sense of ownership of what they produce.



Art holds an important place within the primary curriculum; it helps to balance the weight of academic vs creative subjects and supports the development of the whole child.” 


—— 电影导演 Film Director, Alan Parker





I wish you a weekend filled with creativity, expression, and imagination.


Conrad Botha


Head of Early Years and Lower Primary



English Department Matters


This week, we are incredibly proud of the pupils who have put themselves forward to represent the school in the upcoming NHSDLC (National High School Debate League of China) competition. Stay tuned to hear about their successes in the upcoming weeks ahead.




Elsewhere, our fantastic ongoing creative writing competition, where students are tasked with creating a Qing Ming festival-themed information leaflet, has proved hugely popular. We already have lots of submissions. You can hear all our pupils' winning entries read aloud on Huili's Dukebox Radio.



文学周将从4月18日开始,我们会在4月22日(周五)举行各种活动、特殊活动和特别集会。为了让阅读充满趣味,我们将会举办 “阅读无处不在”摄影大赛,届时我们将看到大家提交的在各种奇异而奇妙的地方阅读的照片。我们已经迫不及待地想看大家所有古怪和冒险的照片了。

Literacy Week begins on 18 April, with activities, celebrations, and a special assembly on Friday, 22 April. We will be hosting a Read Anywhere competition, where pupils will be invited to submit a photograph of themselves reading wonderful places around Hangzhou. Time to get creative with your reading and take your book to a new location. We look forward to seeing all your quirky and adventurous photos.




English Department



Sports Matters



This week Huili School Hangzhou pupils in G9 continued to work hard towards their Zhongkao testing through practice with their teachers. The pupils will be tested on their jumping, strength and power abilities. Tests will commence in April.


Nathan Witter


Director of Sport



Performing Arts Matters



This year, the Grand Theatre will be taken over by a fantastic group of pupils singing, dancing, and acting in this year's musical production of Seussical Jr. The Musical. Please save the date.


我们将从现在开始陆续公布角色演员。本周,我们很高兴地宣布,以下同学将扮演剧中“帽中猫”的角色:杭州惠立学校的五年级Rachel J同学、六年级Barry L同学、七年级Angela J同学和杭州惠灵顿外籍人员子女学校的八年级Daniel A同学。

Now and again, we will slowly announce our characters. This week, I would like to share with you that the following pupils will play the part of The Cat in the Hat: HSH – Rachel J. (G5), Barry L. (G6), Angela J. (G7) and WCIH – Daniel A. (Y8). 



Prepare to be amazed by this beautiful story inspired by the works of Dr Seuss.



Alejandro Montoya


Director of Performing Arts



Service Matters


On 11 March, Huili School Hangzhou held the first food committee meeting this term. Parent and school representatives and the Sodexo catering team all attended and summarised the school catering service performance from the last term. In addition, all the questions about school catering were discussed and answered at the meeting. The parents also unanimously approved the decision of the Sodexo catering team to continue providing catering services for the school for the next two years. 




This Thursday is Huili School's Sichuan Food festival themed lunch. To enrich pupils understanding of the great Chinese cultures, the school and Sodexo team prepared signature traditional Sichuan food: Mapo tofu, spicy pot, spicy pot chicken, and steamed beef. Although we cannot be in Sichuan, we can experience the local culture by tasting the local cuisine.




Service Department




Dukebox Matters



Please click on the link below to tune into our Dukebox radio to enjoy various shows throughout the week. https://dukeboxradio.cn/ 



Listen from 9:00-12:00 every weekday for “Marty James Morning Show”, “The big yellow bus show” at 6:00, Baz’s Motown Classics at 18:00, Dukebox Best Ever Song Show at 20:00 and the Rock Show at 22:00.


错过直播也不必担心,校园电台还有专属“回放”服务 。点击相应活动日期和时间,开启回放。

Don't worry if you missed any of the live shows as you can access them all on our exclusive "Catch Up" service: https://dukeboxradio.cn/china-catchup/ 

Click on the date and time of the show you missed and "Listen Again".



Please look at the content being created by our pupils and staff available in our podcast section: https://dukeboxradio.cn/podcast-archive/   



Please find below some of our ongoing podcast series and most recent episodes created by our pupils and staff.



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Martin Bailey


Dukebox Presenter