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Message from the Principal

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本周五,思院组织了“不背包日”,并鼓励学生携带大号水壶来校,从而体验缺乏水资源地区人们生活的不易。此次活动由Dan Ryan-Lowes 老师发起,旨在让学生了解世界上不同地区的人们所经历的不同生活,培养学生的同理心与全球责任意识。

Today, the Si House organised a 'non-backpack day' and encouraged students to bring large water bottles to school to experience the difficulty of people's life in water shortage areas. The event was initiated by Mr. Dan Ryan-Lowes, to develop students' empathy and global responsibility by giving them an insight into the different lives experienced by people in other parts of the world.



Perhaps because we have been living in happiness, we sometimes overlook that many people struggle to make ends meet and face existential crises daily. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) released a report on the 17th of this month, saying that epidemics, climate change and other crises have left some 13.6 million children under the age of five severely malnourished worldwide. According to the World Health Organisation, 2.2 billion people worldwide still do not have access to clean water from their shelters when they need it. In addition, local wars have displaced and even killed countless children.



When we understand and face the misfortunes in the world, what can we do? First, we need to cultivate students' sense of empathy and global responsibility, understand the lives of those who unfortunately live in suffering, maintain compassion, and take action to help those in need around or far away as possible. We need to make our students aware of the uniqueness of their education in Huili and cherish the hard-won learning opportunities parents and schools provide. Finally, we should focus on our current studies and life, always be grateful, maintain enthusiasm for life, uphold correct values and pursue meaningful goals in life.



Sincere greetings to Huili Community.





Ivey Wang

Principal of Huili School Hangzhou



Sixth Form Matters


我们希望自己的孩子是怎样的?大多数父母的回答都是 “快乐和健康”。那么惠灵顿杭州校区是如何帮助我们的学生成长为快乐和健康的人呢?

What do we want for our children? A summary of most parents' answers would be 'to be happy and healthy.' So what do we do at Wellington College Hangzhou to help build our pupils into happy and healthy individuals?




A relatively younger field of scientific research is that of positive psychology. It is the study of what makes life most worth living and aims to improve the quality of life. Our new and exciting Wellbeing course is based on the PEEC - Positive Education Enhanced Curriculum. This is a research-based explicit positive education curriculum that has been designed by world-renowned researchers in the field of positive psychology and through years of practical experience at Geelong Grammar School in Melbourne, Australia. Schools worldwide are now adopting this programme to support their learners.



These classes are not necessarily what pupils are used to and perhaps sit outside the vision of a 'traditional' lesson. Children's time is often spent reacting to others' demands - time to go to school, finish homework, or learn a hobby, but they are rarely given the time to stop and reflect on themselves. These lessons are an excellent opportunity for the learners to think about themselves, their character and how they want to be in the future. The programme is designed to equip pupils with skills and a way of thinking to be happier in life.



I am looking forward to delivering this curriculum next year and witnessing its positive results in our learners. I can think of no better education than one that teaches our children to be happy.


活动预告 Upcoming Events




Undergraduate Taster Series














University of Chicago virtual visit


在校生将带领大家探索芝加哥大学校园的重要地标,同时分享自己的社交和学习体验。 带上问题,一起来听听好玩有趣的故事吧!

Join current students as they lead a session highlighting important places on UChicago's campus while tying in the student experience both socially and academically. Bring your questions and get ready for some fun stories!


日期 Date:


Monday 6 June


时间 Time:


2pm Central Daylight Time (3am China time)







University of Chicago Virtual Student Salon


与在校生进行讨论,了解更多关于芝加哥大学学生生活和学习的信息。 该沙龙旨在展示小班授课的场景,并提供与在校生和其他申请者联系的机会。 带上您关于校园生活的问题,开启一场热烈的交流吧! 请注意,该研讨会仅适用于有申请意向的学生。

Join us for a personal discussion with our current students to learn more about student life and academics at UChicago. These virtual gatherings are intended to mimic the small class sizes found on our campus. They will offer the opportunity to connect with current students and fellow applicants in real-time. Bring your questions about campus life, and be prepared for a lively conversation. Please note that UChicago Student Salons are only available for prospective students.


日期 Date:


Tuesday 7 June, 2022


时间 Time:


6pm Central Daylight Time (7am China time)


链接 Link:



虚拟创意研讨会 Virtual Creative Workshops



Our international team and creative tutors will be hosting a series of virtual creative workshops in 2022. These interactive and engaging sessions will include practical workshops and art demonstrations to inspire you and a chance to ask questions or gain feedback on your artwork. Open to all, they are aimed at pupils, educators, and anyone interested in developing their creative skills.



To join one of the 2022 workshops, click the links below to learn more and register.



How to Build Your Winning Portfolio

  • Sarah Charles

  • 2022年6月8日, 8 June 2022

  • 上午10点 10.00am

  • 点击链接报名 sign up here: http://surl.li/btndj



Colour – Your Personal Voice

  • Xavier Pick教授, Professor Xavier Pick

  • 2022年7月6日, 6 July 2022

  • 上午10点 10.00am

  • 点击链接报名 sign up here: http://surl.li/btndu



The Magical Banyan Book Tree

  • Xavier Pick教授, Professor Xavier Pick

  • 2022年8月3日, 3 August 2022

  • 上午10点 10.00am

  • 点击链接报名 sign up here: http://surl.li/btnea


Hatty Leung


Head of Sixth Form



Junior High Matters



On Friday, 27 May, both Junior High and Upper Primary pupils participated in a non-backpack day. It was wonderful to see how creative our pupils are and how much fun they had during the day, showing their different methods of transporting their school equipment from lesson to lesson. The non-backpack element of the day is linked to their assembly on how some people have to haul water every day in extreme conditions.



The charity that Si House is supporting this year is The Water Project. This charity helps provide access to those that face incredible challenges every day to feed them and their families with clean water. The pupils were challenged to use their empathy skills to understand how these people face a daily struggle for survival. At Huili School, our values relate to responsibility and kindness. This charity helps highlight two elements of what makes our school great.


Dan Ryan-Lowes 


 Housemaster of Si House



Upper Primary Matters



It is ever more critical to recognise that pupils feel the pressure to do well in school in today's society. As educators, we want to help reduce pupils' stress and anxiety. Last week, we did our best to address this in Mental Health Week. We explored what Mental Health meant during Monday's pupil assembly, which identified some of the adverse effects of stressful situations. Pupils were also taught how to recognise negative behaviours related to stress in themselves and others and were given solutions and ways to cope with negative feelings of self-worth and unhappiness. The week was finished with a wellbeing lesson that allowed pupils to share their worries and realise that these are not individual concerns or trivial and that they are not alone in what worries them.


教育家肯·罗宾逊(Ken Robinson)曾说过:“所有的孩子在刚开始上学时,都拥有丰富的想象力、敏捷的思维和大胆实践的意愿。”但在巨大的应试压力下,这些能力往往会被忽视。用美国作家玛雅·安吉罗(Maya Angelou) 的话来说,“人只有在自己热爱的事情上才能取得真正的成功。” 所以,我们在惠立努力通过各种课内外活动来培养学生对学习的热爱。

Educationalist Ken Robinson said, "All children start their school careers with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds, and a willingness to take risks with what they think." but with many pressures on them to perform and excel in tests, it is more evident that we can lose sight of this. However, in the words of Maya Angelou, "You can only become truly accomplished at something you love." so, at Huili, we endeavour to nurture that love of learning through our lessons and co-curricular activities.



As Children's Day approaches, we hope to continue to inspire pupils, celebrate achievements and develop their creativity and curiosity through a range of activities in school. We will be acknowledging the UNICEF rights of the child "every child has the right to rest, relax, play and to take part in cultural and creative activities." and we hope that parents will also take time out of their busy schedules to embrace this right with their children too.



We wish you a pleasant weekend with your children.


Jenny Stones


Deputy Head of Primary



Lower Primary Matters



"The project-based learning model facilitates language exploration that no other model does. It gives the children the opportunity to play with a language, helping them remember what they learn, simply because it is enjoyable. Additionally, it allows them to discover different ways of communicating in different contexts and through various mediums whilst also exploring the inseparable links between language and culture.



Learning a language is not just about the grammatical aspect and how to read and write; it is also about experimenting through investigation and the freedom of making mistakes. The children feel free to engage as speakers, listeners, and even presenters as they respond to their environment's many visual, auditory and sensory provocations. 



As teachers, we strive to provoke curiosity, enthusiasm, passion, and eagerness to learn, even if it is in another language. 



We are there to engage, facilitate, reflect on, and model the different learning opportunities that may arise from a question, a picture or even a simple object. We also provide the time for the children to feel challenged, encouraged and inspired by how we communicate with them and share our expertise in a language they are only just learning about."



Extract from Ms Yeimi's, our G1 Project lead's article.



Conrad Botha


Head of Early Years and Lower Primary



English Department Matters


The English department has been working closely with grades 7-9, helping with the rigorous preparation for the important upcoming assessments. We have all been incredibly impressed with the diligence and hard work shown during this crucial part of the year. Grade 10, having already completed their English examinations, have already begun consolidating their knowledge in preparation for next year. As with the younger grades, our cohort of IGCSE pupils should be incredibly proud of their effort.




This week, the English department would like to advertise Conversation Corner every Thursday lunchtime at 12:45pm. This is such a superb opportunity for all students to attend and practice their English-speaking skills, with the teachers listed below on hand at various points of the month to have discussions solely in English. As immersion is truly the most incredible way to acquire a new language, we suggest pupils take this opportunity to attend, have fun and develop those crucial oracy skills.



A reminder also about the current school-wide descriptive writing competition, which can be found below.




English Department



Dukebox Matters


校园电台 Dukebox radio


节目单 Schedule: 


回放服务 "Catch Up": 


博客页面 Podcast


三只松鼠 The Three Squirrels Show: 


初中部阅读写作比赛获奖学生 JH Monthly Writing Competition Winners:


初三学生书评Grade 9 Bitesize Book Reviews:



Martin Bailey


Dukebox Presenter