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Message from the Principal



This Thursday, Huili School Hangzhou organised the annual Speech Day Awards Ceremony for senior pupils to recognise those who have excelled in the academic year in academic development in various subjects, academic progress, drama performance, college activities, and boarding life. Congratulations to all the pupils who received the relevant awards. We hope that all Huili students will follow the example of the outstanding pupils around them, continue to make progress, dare to take responsibility, and become more exceptional pupils with Huili's identities.




This week we celebrated both Children's Day and Dragon Boat Festival. To build childhood memories for our pupils, the Primary organised a Children's Day Carnival, with exciting activities such as Art and DIY, carnival games and an inflatable maze to provide a rich experience and unlimited joy.



The Dragon Boat Festival is an important festival that conveys the warmth of family, guards individual lives, remembers historical sages, and promotes family and national sentiments. Therefore, we encourage Huili pupils to celebrate the festival while strengthening their sense of identity with traditional culture and inheriting the family sentiment and national spirit contained therein.



Happy Dragon Boat Festival to the Huili community.





Ivey Wang

Principal of Huili School Hangzhou



Sixth Form Matters


不少大人都会想,要是自己在中学教育阶段学了一些有助于开展未来大学生活或职业生涯的技能该有多好啊。拿我来说,我觉得当时要是能学一些心理健康相关的知识就很好。于是,我有了为高中部学生开设“生活技能”课程的想法,并向 400 多名成年人发放了问卷,问他们 “有哪些课是你希望自己读书时开设的”,征询大家的想法。我收到了许多有趣、实用的反馈,回复最多的是希望学习预算和财务技巧,其次是一些日常的实用技能,比如烹饪、做家务等。由此,我们综合问卷反馈和其他主题来规划生活技能课程,希望引导学生做好走向成熟、实现独立的准备。期待着明年与高中部的学生们分享这些技能。

As adults who have been through high school, we often wish we had been taught specific skills during secondary education that would have benefitted us through university and our careers. For example, I wish I had been taught about the importance of mental wellbeing. With this in mind, I came up with the idea of a 'Lifeskills' course for the Sixth Form pupils. I surveyed over 400 adults for lesson ideas and asked them, "what do you wish you had been taught in school?". The results were interesting and incredibly useful. The most common answers included budgeting and financial literacy, followed by self-care topics like mindfulness and practical skills like cooking and doing chores. With these topics and others in mind, the Lifeskills course has been designed to give the best possible preparation for our learners as they progress through to adulthood and complete independence.

I look forward to sharing these skills with the Sixth Formers next year.


活动预告 Upcoming Events



University of Chicago virtual visit


在校生将带领大家探索芝加哥大学校园的重要地标,同时分享自己的社交和学习体验。 带上问题,一起来听听好玩有趣的故事吧!

Join current students as they lead a session highlighting important places on UChicago's campus while tying in the student experience both socially and academically. Bring your questions and get ready for some fun stories!


日期 Date:


Monday 6 June


时间 Time:


2pm Central Daylight Time (3am China time)







University of Chicago Virtual Student Salon


与在校生进行讨论,了解更多关于芝加哥大学学生生活和学习的信息。 该沙龙旨在展示小班授课的场景,并提供与在校生和其他申请者联系的机会。 带上您关于校园生活的问题,开启一场热烈的交流吧! 请注意,该研讨会仅适用于有申请意向的学生。

Join us for a personal discussion with our current students to learn more about student life and academics at UChicago. These virtual gatherings are intended to mimic the small class sizes found on our campus. They will offer the opportunity to connect with current students and fellow applicants in real-time. Bring your questions about campus life, and be prepared for a lively conversation. Please note that UChicago Student Salons are only available for prospective students.


日期 Date:


Tuesday 7 June, 2022


时间 Time:


6pm Central Daylight Time (7am China time)


链接 Link:






Institutionalised: Understanding Institutional Goals in Admissions


The University of Virginia, University of California, Berkeley, Georgia Institute of Technology


时间 Time:


Tuesday 7 June 8:00pm (CST)


链接 Link:





Intro. To Selective Admissions for International Students


University of Pennsylvania


时间 Time:


Wednesday 8 June, 9:30pm (CST)


链接 Link:



虚拟创意研讨会 Virtual Creative Workshops



Our international team and creative tutors will be hosting a series of virtual creative workshops in 2022. These interactive and engaging sessions will include practical workshops and art demonstrations to inspire you and a chance to ask questions or gain feedback on your artwork. Open to all, they are aimed at pupils, educators, and anyone interested in developing their creative skills.



To join one of the 2022 workshops, click the links below to learn more and register.



How to Build Your Winning Portfolio

  • Sarah Charles

  • 2022年6月8日, 8 June 2022

  • 上午10点 10.00am

  • 点击链接报名 sign up here: http://surl.li/btndj



Colour – Your Personal Voice

  • Xavier Pick教授, Professor Xavier Pick

  • 2022年7月6日, 6 July 2022

  • 上午10点 10.00am

  • 点击链接报名 sign up here: http://surl.li/btndu



The Magical Banyan Book Tree

  • Xavier Pick教授, Professor Xavier Pick

  • 2022年8月3日, 3 August 2022

  • 上午10点 10.00am

  • 点击链接报名 sign up here: http://surl.li/btnea


Hatty Leung


Head of Sixth Form



Junior High Matters



Pupils thrive at showcasing their talent and the results of their hard work and newly acquired knowledge. Last weekend saw 41 pupils in Junior High attending the National High School Debate League of China and the World Scholar's Cup competitions on our campus. Watching the pupils collaborate, support one another, speak with confidence and conviction, and demonstrate all our school values was delightful. These opportunities highlight the growth of our pupils and celebrate all that they have achieved. Well done to all our pupils who attended. We wish you the best of luck.



Laura Perry


Head of Junior High



Upper Primary Matters


At Huili primary school, bilingual education allows pupils to be proficient in two languages and, more importantly, learn to use different languages to think about life, explore the world, and express themselves. Recently, the G4 pupils have combined science, archaeology, English and green screen photography technology and created a splendid interview video.



Inspired by the English teachers, the pupils travelled to the tomb of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun in 1922. They learned the history of ancient Egypt and marvelled at the technological and cultural achievements of mankind at that time. They interviewed Mr. Howard Carter, the famous archaeologist who discovered the tomb. They recorded this series of exploration activities through green screen photography technology and made an interview documentary.



Huili's curriculum is never monolithic but outwardly links knowledge of various subjects from the perspective of the humanity and instrumentality of Language. Huili primary pupils are continuously developing their oral expression skills in Chinese and English, improving their dialectical thinking skills and broadening their knowledge and horizons in the daily learning activities. By always keeping the goals in mind, the knowledge and actions should go hand in hand. Huili primary has always offered a holistic education, laying a solid foundation in fostering international talents with a global perspective.


Alice Wang


 Assistant Head of Primary



Lower Primary Matters


在小学低年级段,我们的学习空间就像一个五彩缤纷的“水族馆”。在这里,有思维的火花,价值观的碰撞,有学习态度和校园文化的形成。我们的学生可以在这里安全而快乐地开展自己的终身学习之旅, 我们感到非常骄傲。校园内外的友情对学生的学业表现有非常重要的影响。健康的友谊可以增强人的幸福感,可以开阔人的视野,还会影响我们回应世界的方式。

Within our Lower Primary, we see our learning spaces as an aquarium that mirrors the ideas, values, attitudes and culture of the people that live in it, and we take great pride in ensuring that our children are in an environment that provides they have the building blocks to secure a successful lifelong learning journey. In addition, our friendships inside and outside of school impact our success in school considerably, further increase our overall happiness, inspire new ways of seeing the world around us, and influence how we choose to respond. 



Forming and maintaining strong, positive, and lasting friendships support high levels of wellbeing and instil a sense of belonging and self-awareness. Lasting friendships require empathy, compassion, kindness, support, active listening, collaboration, and the freedom to challenge each other to take risks. Therefore, we must continue to build on these strong foundations, share what we have learned from each other, and continue advocating our values within new environments, friendships, and opportunities. By making use of our expertise as educators, and the knowledge and understanding that we have of our children, we can ensure that we are well prepared for the coming academic school year and that our children have the support and building blocks in place to continue building friendships that will last a lifetime.



Conrad Botha


Head of Early Years and Lower Primary



English Department Matters


The English Department would like to join all students in a very jubilant, harmonious Dragon Boat Festival. 




It is official: Conversation Corner is a hit. Huili pupils are beginning to gather on Thursday lunchtimes at 12:45pm to share in reflective, thoughtful conversation – all held entirely in English. 




There are only five days remaining to participate in the ongoing Huili descriptive writing competition, the details of which can be found below. Please submit your entries to be in with a chance of winning and being featured on the celebratory school-wide Dukebox Radio broadcast.




English Department



Library Matters



Libraries are built upon a foundation of trust. Our pupils trust us to stock engaging reading material and up-to-date information resources and to be a source of support when making enquiries. In turn, we trust our pupils to be responsible with the books we lend. Responsibility and integrity are core values that we aim to instil in our pupils. They are also vital when using a shared resource, such as a library.  



As we approach the end of the school year, the library team must review the collection for missing items, overdue books and items that need repairing. While this is an arduous task, it is vital if we are to manage the collection for our whole school community. The process is most successful when pupils have returned overdue books and ensure that they always check out items before taking them from the library.  



Occasionally pupils do forget to check out books before leaving the library. Sometimes these are returned, but others may remain missing. Please support our library team by helping your child(ren) search for library books that may be overdue or not checked out. Familiar hiding places for books include car-seat pockets, behind furniture, under beds – they even hide in plain sight on bookshelves. Library books can be returned to any of our campus libraries.  



Bronwen Duffield


Head Librarian



Performing Arts Matters



We are now on a four-week countdown to the fabulous school musical. Pupils are excited and working extra hard after school to perfect the final stages. This week, we introduce some more members of the wonderful cast of Seussical Jr. The Musical at Wellington College Hangzhou.



Dora Chen.jpg

Dora Ch

小鸟梅吉 Mayzie La Bird

八年级 Grade 8



Mayzie La Bird and I are full of confidence and think that we are the most beautiful women. In the musical, there is a scene in which Mayzie travels to Palm beach; we both love the outdoors. I immensely enjoy being part of the musical. My favourite part is the dancing. I love to dance in my free time. I appreciate that I can show my skills and talents on stage. The most challenging part for me is the singing. I had never tried singing before on a stage. Singing with my friends makes me feel relaxed and has helped me feel more confident in my singing skills. Being in the musical has allowed me to be courageous by trying different things I never did before. 


Jessica Zh

咯咯鲁·绒绒 Gertrude McFuzz

九年级 Grade 9

Jessica Zheng.jpg


Gertrude McFuzz and I have very similar personalities. Gertrude is a very kind-hearted, cute and naïve girl. I believe in kindness. It is the main reason I chose to audition for this character. I made many new friends through Seussical, and we all had fun together. Musical theatre brings people together and gives us happiness. Standing on such a big stage and doing what I love is a gift. The biggest challenge in musical theatre is singing, rapping, and dancing simultaneously; there is a lot of multi-tasking. I practice a lot to make sure I can do it all. Being in the musical has brought confidence to my life. It also teaches me to be positive and accept different kinds of people.


Helen Lin.jpg

Helen L

咯咯鲁·绒绒 Gertrude McFuzz

六年级 Grade 6



Gertrude McFuzz and I like trying new things. For instance, Gertrude takes some pills to have a bigger tail. She tries it and then finds out it is not suitable for her. I like trying and discovering. We are also both very kind. In the musical, I enjoy making new friends and working with other characters because I can learn from others; we can overcome difficulties together. Dancing and showing complex emotions for my character have been challenging. I practice the dance routines a lot and focus on my facial expressions. I have become more confident and brave during my time in the musical. I have learnt how to communicate better with others. This will be very helpful for me in the future. 


Vicky C

袋鼠夫人 Sour Kangaroo

七年级 Grade 7

Vicky Cai.jpg


Sour Kangaroo is not a kind person for most of the musical. I am nothing like that in my daily life. I enjoy being part of this musical because it lets me meet many new friends who share my passion for performance and music. I feel fortunate to do this musical with these very talented students. The most challenging part is that the character I played was different from my personality. Therefore I had to use my imagination and common sense to help me decide how to perform this role. I have become more confident after this musical. 



Alejandro Montoya


Director of Performing Arts



Dukebox Matters


校园电台 Dukebox radio


节目单 Schedule: 


回放服务 "Catch Up": 


博客页面 Podcast



Martin Bailey


Dukebox Presenter