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Happy Teachers' Day

10 Sep 2021


I graduated from Virginia Tech with a major in Educational Psychology, focusing on science education related fields. Before coming to Hangzhou Huili School, I was the head of the STEM team at Shanghai Dipont Education, providing academic courses, extracurricular learning programs and bilingual teacher training for many Chinese K-12 international schools. Before returning to China, I served as the laboratory leader and lecturer at Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab™ in the United States. I provide science education content and teacher training for many elementary and junior high schools in Northern Virginia and worked closely with local charity organisations to provide learning and practice opportunities for children from low-income families.

Currently, I am the Assistant head of Lower Primary, I academically oversee the project-based learning approach in G1 and G2. Within an inspiring environment, pupils construct their knowledge by inquiry, outdoor exploration, and project-related problem solving. Through project-based learning, pupils are able to develop their independence, collaboration and communication skills as well as logical and critical thinking skills.

My name is Jenny,  I am the new Deputy Head of Huili Primary School Hangzhou. I am from Yorkshire in England. I enjoy travelling and participating in adventure sports including white water kayaking and downhill skiing. I am a mother of one adult son who is now training to be a commercial airline pilot in Portugal.

I have been a teacher and leader for over 13 years. Prior to joining to Huili School Hangzhou, I worked at Cambridge International School in St Petersburg and Westminster School in the UK. There, I taught and led whole school initiatives to ensure children with English as an additional language could succeed academically.

I strongly believe that outstanding teaching and learning is creative and inclusive. At Huili School Hanghzou, I will be working with all the leaders, teachers, pupils and parents to continue to make Wellington the best school in Hangzhou.

I completed my Master’s Degree at Monash University with a specialisation in educational leadership and entered the field of international education in 2011. It was some 10 years ago when bilingual education was becoming a popular option for pupils in Shanghai. It was an opportunity that changed my life. I was excited to see that pupils were able to excel in both Chinese and English with the correct curriculum and approach in place.
Working at Huili School Hangzhou is a unique experience. I have been thinking about my role as an EAL teacher and decided to further enhance the critical thinking and analytical skills which are fundamental to research-based education. The theoretical grounding together with the practical experiences will allow me to continue growing as the innovative educator that I strive to be. My aim is to be a lifelong learner and I am dedicated to using my professionalism to prepare future generations to thrive within an ever-changing global society.

I feel very privileged to be a member of the Grade 1 team and very excited to be part of this new teaching model. It will bring many learning opportunities for the children to develop their personal and social skills, whilst becoming intellectual and independent individuals. Having been part of Wellington College Hangzhou team for the past two years, I have built great relationships with the children and their parents. I have great admiration for the pupil’s courage and perseverance in this wonderful process of becoming bilingual.

I consider myself fortunate to be bilingual and fully understand the challenges the children are experiencing in Grade 1, as I also started to learn a second language at the age of seven. For this reason, I am determined to support the children in every way possible to take risks, make mistakes and learn in the process, as this will make them stronger individuals ready to take on more challenges as they develop. By knowing many of the children from the nursery, I am in a very strong position to identify their strengths and areas for development, and work to ensure greater academic progress and excellence. In addition, I will build strong, meaningful relationships with the new children who joined Huili School Hangzhou this year, whilst taking every opportunity to optimise their learning potential in all academic areas.


My name is Joshua Dillow. I am from the UK and have been teaching science in the north of England. I attended the University of Durham, where I studied a BSc in Natural Sciences . During my degree, I covered many key topics across Biology and Chemistry before eventually majoring in evolutionary and behavioural ecology.

I am interested in all things related to nature and have a keen interest in ornithology and sport. I aim to bring enthusiasm and energy to every lesson, inspiring pupils about matters in science.

I am originally from Wales, a small country adjoining England. It is well known for its beautiful landscapes. I grew up cycling around remote lakes and walking around the local Welsh hills and mountains.

I was inspired to love English by my teacher at school and chose this career path for myself because of her. I hope I will inspire young people in the same way during my career. Having secured a 1st class English degree and demonstrated consistent outstanding practice I know the importance of academic excellence. This said, I also know that the best learning happens when pupils are happy and emotionally engaged so I will work hard to ensure every pupil feels positive about their English lessons and have a wealth of opportunities to shine.