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Wellington Academy Programme - Term 2 Registration

06 Jan 2022

Registration time


Date: 10 January to 16 January 2022
Time: 9:00am – 7:00pm



Golf and Tennis 1v1 Private Lessons

      Most 1 to 1 activities are arranged in the evening, and only boarding pupils can sign up for this semester. In addition, to regular classes, the Academy programme intends to increase 1to1 golf and tennis lessons from 4:20pm to 5:20pm from Monday to Friday to provide pupils with more opportunities.



Spanish Lessons

To maintain the continuity of learning, Spanish lessons will be divided into three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, according to the pupils’ grades and pupils levels at present who are studying Spanish. In addition, Spanish lessons in the nursery will be offered in two levels: Fun with Spanish and Advanced Beginner Spanish. The registration information of the Nursery Advanced lesson will be visible only to the invited pupils.



Musical Lesson(by invitation)


The nursery play will be “Frozen” or “Sound of Music”; for Huili School Hangzhou will be “Matilda” or “School of Rock”. Meanwhile, invited musical classes will be added and only open to invited students next semester. Those invited will perform a different play that has richer forms and contents.



African Drum

      African drum usually refers to Djembe, which originates from Africa and belongs to percussion rhythm instrument. It can be used with any rhythmic or melodic instrument. Beginners can quickly master basic performance skills. EY3 and EY4 pupils can join the class each Monday.



Next semester, a new volleyball activity will open for the EY2 pupils. The program aims to build an initial idea about the volleyball game while developing the overall physical performance of pupils. Using specifically designed soft volleyballs and other age-appropriate equipment, the class will be running in a safe and fun environment, which would be the perfect starting point for pupils’ volleyball training.




There will be several changes in the Nursery Ukelele Academy next semester. The time will be adjusted from Thursday to Wednesday. The class duration will also be reduced from one and a half hours to one hour. The numbers will be limited to small classes with less than eight pupils.




To avoid the big age gap of pupils, Monday badminton Academy will be divided into two classes according to the grade G1-4 and G5-10. The class will be taught in small classes to meet the needs and interests of all pupils.




Pupils interested in archery will have more training opportunities next semester. In addition to the classes on Wednesday (grade 4-6) and Thursday (grade 7-10), an Archery class will be added each Monday next semester with no more than six pupils. It will open to all pupils above grade 4.



Synchronised Swimming 

Only invited pupils can participate in the synchronised swimming Academy from Monday to Thursday. However, all pupils can sign up for the synchronised swimming class every Saturday from 9:00am to 11:00am. The course starts teaching zero-based swimming skills and basic swimming movements of synchronised swimming to help pupils complete the transition from swimming to synchronised swimming.


For more details, please get in touch with the Academy Office

    0571 82396352

Please notice your email for further registration information.