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Huili School Hangzhou launches its 2022 Scholarship Programme

04 Jan 2022

Over 20 years ago, Wellington College China Founder and Chairman Joy Qiao was awarded the Shuping scholarship. "It changed my life," she recalls. "Shuping gave me the opportunity to attend the University of Oxford. I owe so much of my success in life to them. With our Scholarship Programme, I want to give back, to provide a similar life-changing opportunity for talented young children regardless of their financial situation. I see this as a moral imperative." 

Likewise, Huili School Hangzhou's Shuping Scholarship and academic scholarships present talented pupils a similarly life-changing experience. Our scholarships will open the door to a world where they can learn, explore and achieve great things. They are now open for application for the 2022-23 academic year.



Huili School Hangzhou's 2022
Scholarship Programme


Launched in 2019 by Wellington College China, the Shuping Scholarship is our most generous offering, covering up to 110% of the tuition fee. Founded on the principle that what is gained from society should be returned to it, the scholarship benefits Chinese pupils from the working-class families.


Our Academic scholarship covers up to 100% of the tuition fee. Its mission is to nurture pupils who exhibit outstanding academic performance, leadership potential and unfailing kindness to their peers.


Scholar Testimonials


Wellington College China scholarships open doors to great achievements in school and beyond. In 2021, pupils across Wellington College China obtained impressive university offers from Oxbridge and Ivy League schools. 50% of our pupils achieved A* in A-Level exams. We are also confident that our new senior pupils in our Huili schools will achieve academic excellence in the near future.


How to apply


All external candidates are welcome to apply. A preliminary review of the application will be conducted by the relevant department. Selected candidates will be invited to an assessment day, audition or trial and a panel interview.



To apply or learn more about our scholarship programmes, please scan the QR code below: