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Library updates | Winter reading

29 Dec 2021


       We often have a little more time to read for pleasure during the term breaks. So it has been wonderful to witness delight on readers' faces this week as they found the 'just right book for their holiday reading. The process of finding the right book for each reader can take a little digging into their interests and includes having them reflect on books that they have loved, as well as books that they have enjoyed less.



One analogy I use with the pupils is that finding your favourite books is like seeing your favourite cake: you must try many different ones before knowing which types you like the most. The starting point for many is to look at books that have been highlighted on displays, thematic lists or popular book features. With this in mind, I have highlighted some of our most popular books of 2021.


Younger Readers


These titles have been very popular with our younger pupils this year. Some pupils may be ready to read some titles independently, while other books are great for shared storytimes with an adult. As Emilie Buchwald has said, 'Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.' So, please take the time this holiday to share a story.



Middle Readers

 During their years in primary school, pupils become more independent in their reading habits. Some pupils will be happy to explore these titles alone, but shared reading is still valuable in engaging children with books. The discussions that naturally occur when reading together enable linguistic understanding and social-emotional learning.




Older Readers



If children have engaged in reading and making choices about their books regularly during the primary years and into their teens, they often become life-long bookworms. While it is common for pupils to read for pleasure a little less as important exams loom, parents can support pupil reading habits by ensuring that their adolescent has time set aside for reading and setting the example and discussing personal reading regularly. If your older reader is stuck for a book, the titles below may be a good place to start as they have been very popular this year.


Personal readers' advisory is a facility offered by our library service. If your child is unsure what to read next, and these titles are not piquing their interest, encourage them to speak to their librarian for some suggestions.