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Huili pupils win excellent Maths awards in AMC8

26 Apr 2022


Huili School Hangzhou hosted the American Mathematics Competitions 8 (AMC8) at our campus on 22 January 2022. Over 80 grade 5 to 8 pupils participated in the AMC 8, with nearly 20,000 students from international schools or international departments in China's primary and secondary schools.
Huili pupils have achieved astonishing results. You may see from the list below that our pupils have won three Honor Roll (Top 5% in the world) and four Achievement Roll for primary pupils scoring 15 and above. The school has also been awarded School Merit Roll for its excellent results. 




The American Mathematics Competition 






The American Mathematics Competition (AMC) has been organised by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) since 1950. It is one of the most authoritative youth maths competitions in the world. Over 300,000 participants from 6,000 schools in 30 countries and regions register for these competitions every year. The competition aims to train students' analytical thinking and a positive maths attitude by motivating them to apply the maths they have learned in the classroom in a relaxing and challenging test. In addition, it sparks their enthusiasm and interest in maths through an engaging test and promotes their maths study beyond the compulsory secondary mathematics curriculum.





None of these incredible results are achieved without a professional academic team and a complementary curriculum. In addition to the regular daily maths course, we respond to national policies. We have offered after-school maths courses for each grade, such as Sudoku challenges, maths competitions, and tutorials, for Huili pupils to choose according to their needs. Alongside this, pupils are encouraged and supported to communicate in maths language in maths class during lunch break. Such exchange and discussion stimulate pupils to learn and build friendships, and their passion for maths also inspires others. We believe that "interest is the best teacher". Therefore, we have created a warm, friendly, and positive learning environment for our pupils at Huili to kindle their interest in maths and give play to their potential.

Congratulations to all award winners. I hope our pupils will continue to work hard, challenge themselves, and progress in their future maths studies.