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In conversation with Joy Qiao, Founder and Chairman

26 Apr 2022

Wellington College China was born of Ms Joy Qiao's desire as a mother to find the ideal school for her children. After extensive research and preparation, she finally entered into a partnership with the renowned Wellington College in England. Over a decade later, Wellington College International Tianjin, Shanghai and Hangzhou are educational success stories each in their own right.


Ms Joy Qiao sums the schools’ strengths up in two words: focus and expertise. What do these words mean to her? How are they manifested in what Wellington College International schools do every day? Let's find out...





A bilingual education specifically 

designed for Chinese pupils


The success of Wellington College China’s international schools inspired Ms Joy Qiao to bring a quality bilingual education to Chinese pupils. This sparked the inspiration to establish the first Huili School in Shanghai,  and then a further campus in Hangzhou as well.  The WCC Huili Institute of Learning helped to lay the foundation for Huili’s bilingual education model as it oversees curriculum design, teacher training, quality control and external exchanges.


As we look forward to the opening of our newest Huili School in Nantong, join us as Joy and Suisui share how they have seamlessly integrated Wellington’s educational model with the Chinese national curriculum to create a bespoke Huili curriculum. 





How a well rounded education 

produces happy, well-rounded pupils 

and how Huili School aligns with the new ‘double reduction’ policy 


The Huili School’s well-rounded education model adheres to China’s recent ‘double reduction’ policy and produces well-rounded, globally-minded pupils who are primed for success in life. Ms Joy Qiao explains why.




To discover more about Huili School Hangzhou, please click here to register your attendance for the open morning on Saturday 28 May.