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Success for Junior High in English International Olympiad

23 May 2022


In March this year, 26 Junior High pupils participated in the Hippo English International Olympiad. This competition included a reading, use of English and listening section, which required pupils to draw on their full range of language skills.



Hippo English International Olympiad



Each section of the competition is linked to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), an internationally recognized standard for describing language competence and pro­ficiency and is the most widely accepted reference standard for language assessment worldwide.



The pupils in the preliminary round did incredibly well, overall receiving:


8 First place awards
(Top 10% in China)
7 Second place awards 
(Top 10% - 25% in China)
7 Third place awards
(Top 25% - 40% in China)
4 Excellence awards
(Top 40% - 60% in China)


Our eight first-place award winners secured themselves a place in the semi-final round, which took place in April. For this round, pupils had to answer a range of questions based on a text, answer multiple-choice questions and write a short essay – all in English.
The results were released this week, and we are incredibly proud to share these pupils’ success!

Gold Award 
(Top 20% in China)
Steve L and Cindi Y
Silver Award
(Top 20% - 40% in China)
Wes W
Bronze Award
(Top 40% - 60% in China)
Zoe C and Karen Z
Participation Awards
Dora G, Angela S and Franky X 

In Junior High, we are incredibly proud that our pupils take responsibility for their English language learning by showing true determination and courage by participating in international competitions. 
Congratulations to all pupils who participated in the Hippo English International Olympiad this year. 
Over the next few weeks, we hope to share other success stories with you as our Junior High pupils participate in the International Academic Competition Asian Championships, The World Scholar’s Cup Regional Round and the National High School Debate League of China.