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Congratulations to our Junior High Grade Leaders

23 May 2022


We would like to congratulate our following members of staff for being promoted into these new roles for the next academic year. They bring a wealth of experience that will enhance the knowledge, understanding and wellbeing of all our Huili Junior High pupils.


Abbie Song

G7 Grade Leader

Abbie Song graduated from Harbin Normal University with two bachelor’s degrees in History and English Education. She is a first-level middle school teacher with 13 years of teaching experience. She went to Canada for further study and exchange. She served as the director of the foreign language centre and the leader of the teaching and research group of history, geography, politics and biology in a well-known international school in Heilongjiang province. She was responsible for organising the school’s foreign language-related work and activities, such as the foreign language festival, the national English speech competition, the spelling bee of China, and overseas study tours. 
Her courses in history, bilingual history and English are well received by students. She has won the first prize in the individual all-around city in the teaching basic skills competition, and many of her papers and teaching achievements have won the first prize at the provincial level. She is passionate about helping her students become their best selves. She is caring, thoughtful and eager to learn. Her hobbies are travelling and cooking.
Claire Zhang

Senior Teacher Pastoral/G8 Grade Leader

Claire graduated from Xiamen University (XMU) and majored in Chinese Language and Literature and Advertisement. After that, she was awarded the National Scholarship and completed her master’s degree at East China Normal University (ECNU), specializing in Language Teaching. In addition, she has led several bilingual programs, which enhances her understanding of the field of education. In 2016, based on her Chinese immersion teaching experience, her research paper Children’s Vocabulary Acquisition in Chinese Immersion Program was published in Education Curriculum Research (ISSN 2095-3089), Sept. Issue.
After graduation, Claire worked as a Chinese teacher in an international school in the USA and a private school in Shanghai and Hangzhou for several years. These experiences have given her a deep understanding of different cultures and teaching mythologies. As a founding member of Huili School Hangzhou, she gained the National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (UK) and worked as a middle leader. Her caring and responsible attitude towards pupils have won unanimous recognition and praise from parents. She is also dedicated to holistic education and has rich experience working with a pupil with special needs. She has been deeply involved in Chinese teaching and class management and has won several teaching and management awards in her teaching career.
Claire has many interests, including debating, running and music. She is a fan of Marathon running and has won many debating awards in her school time.
Michelle Brookes

G9 Grade Leader

Ms. Brookes joins Huili School Hangzhou as an experienced Teacher of English, having previously been employed as Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning) and Head of Department in London, England. Ms. Brookes is also qualified as an Advanced Examiner and Moderator for several examination boards within the UK.
Ms Brookes graduated from the University of Edinburgh with BA (Hons) in English and Publishing and MSc in Critical Theory before attending The University of Southampton to study for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Since then, Ms Brookes has been employed across a plethora of settings.
Ms. Brookes is interested in understanding the learning journey in terms of memory, stress and motivation and has written several training sessions about Metacognition. Ms. Brookes is also a keen supporter of emerging teacher talent and has acted as a university trainee and NQT mentor.


Ms. Brookes is deeply committed to pupil wellbeing and has previously acted as Wellbeing and Mental Health Ambassador and Form Tutor. She has also developed several debate teams and was delighted to take a group to moot within UK Parliament.
Reggie Zhou

G10 Grade Leader

Reggie Zhou graduated from the 211 University and continued his education at the Technology University of Delft in the Netherlands. He worked as a Maths teacher and Head of Department at his previous international school in Zhejiang. He now joins Huili School Hangzhou as an experienced Maths teacher. He has seven years of experience in teaching Maths within various international curricula. In addition, he has led and coached many pupils successfully in various international Maths competitions.
As an experienced Form Tutor, he is devoted to pupils’ wellbeing and has spent many years studying and applying positive discipline. He believes that encouraging good communication between school and family is key to pupils’ success and academic progress. He is also a university trainee teacher mentor and has advised and supported newly qualified teachers during their orientation period. He enjoys reading books about economics, finance, and investment; he has also written many articles about statistics.