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Meet the teacher | IGCSE Chinese teaching at Huili

24 Jun 2022
We offer IGCSE Chinese (1st language) for pupils at Huili School Hangzhou from grades 9 to 10. The course is mainly compromised by reading and writing. In reading, learners are expected to demonstrate a good understanding of diverse articles, including modern and classical texts, the ability to evaluate and analyse facts, ideas and opinions and deduce from them using critical thinking, and the appreciation of a variety of language. In writing, they are expected to express themselves clearly, correctly and effectively with personal writing styles.



Cambridge IGCSE Chinese 

(1st language) 


Cambridge IGCSE Chinese (1st language) examination is usually sat in May each year. There are two papers for candidates to complete. 


Paper 1 is for reading. It takes 2 hours 15 minutes. Candidates answer questions in three sections, i.e. reading, directed writing and classical Chinese.




Paper 2 is for writing. It takes 2 hours. Candidates complete argumentative/discursive essays and descriptive/narrative writing.




Teaching Method




We use dynamic teaching methods in lessons to maximise the success of our pupils in their IGCSE examinations. The Chinese department at Huili School Hangzhou has been working closely with the teams at our sister schools in Tianjin and Shanghai to continuously explore ways to improve pupils' learning outcomes. At Huili School Hangzhou, our Chinese classes are beyond exciting. We have enjoyed drama performances for the 'Creative Writing' unit, organised debate sessions in Chinese for the 'Eloquent Debates unit', and shared thoughts after reading for the 'Completing reading a book' unit.



We aim to bring the Chinese language to life and use knowledge in our classes. With what they have learnt in Chinese classes, Huili pupils have produced an array of pieces closely related to their school life, such as special interviews, school news and assembly speeches.