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Huili pupils win multiple prizes in the UKMT JMC Competition

27 Jun 2022
108 Huili pupils from grades 3 to 7 participated in the UK Intermediate Mathematics Competition (UKMT- JMC) on 29 April 2022, competing against candidates from various schools worldwide.

We are pleased to announce that the results of UKMT-JMC for Huili pupils are outstanding. 100% of grade 7 and 95% of grade 6 pupils gained prizes. 
Huili primary school pupils overcame the challenges of knowledge gaps and applied mathematical thinking from their daily learning to analyse and solve the questions. Their victory is well deserved. 47 out of 73 participants gained a prize, a pleasant high ratio of 64.4%. More surprisingly, Jimmy M from 5D ranked third with grade 7 pupils, setting a brilliant example for his peers. Some Huili pupils in grades 3 and 4 have won the Silver and the Bronze prizes, congratulations to them all.
Huili pupils have won 42 Gold medals, 21 Silver medals and 19 Bronze medals in this competition. They are:






Gold Prize 



Silver Prize 



Bronze Prize 


It is worth mentioning that Zoe Ch from 7E received full marks in this competition. It is challenging for candidates to receive full marks in a maths contest as it requires candidates to master excellent maths skills and stay calm and composed during the competition. Congratulations to Zoe.
Congratulations to all winners again. We thank every participant for their effort and are proud to share this honour. Finally, we encourage all Huili pupils to display their potential in various international contests and keep forging ahead in the days to come.