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We Are Huili | Thriving as an individual at Huili

07 Apr 2021

Parents are an important member of the Huili community. Inviting parents to share their ideas grants us a brand-new perspective to know our students thoroughly. Today's guest for We Are Huili is Ms. Song, whose son, Allen, is a grade 8 student at Huili. Ms. Song talked about why they chose Huili for Allen and Allen's growth at Huili.


I learned about Huili’s advanced educational ethos and international learning environment from a friend of mine who joined Huili community in its founding year. I believed that it was what we expected from a school, where Allen could have a pre-taste of learning abroad and improve his English, and that we would have more quality time together as a family where we could also give him some advice. It is an educational environment that reassures us, where we know that Allen will continue to thrive when he starts his journey in a different country later in his educational life.




The first few weeks at Huili were challenging for Allen, as many subjects are taught in English. Allen was disappointed not to be attending the Olympic Maths class for his SA. I encouraged him to build up his courage to ask questions more often, communicate with teachers actively, and find a solution that suited him the best. His teachers also inspired him to look into maths problems from different angles and spoke highly of his quick improvement. Allen’s hard work finally paid off when he received an invitation to join the Olympic Maths class this semester, which has ignited his learning enthusiasm and motivated him to keep questioning and thinking.




Learning at Huili, Allen is provided with more time and opportunities to develop his interests and strengths. After immersing himself in artistic creation at his SA classes, he made elaborate New Year’s cards for his teachers and peers. He was also proud to be the lead singer for the House Singing Competition. During the Spring Festival celebrations, he volunteered to write the spring couplets for his House. 






There is a genuine platform for children to showcase their talents in a diverse learning environment at Huili, where students are allowed to explore their potential and passions, and to demonstrate their unique gifts with increasing confidence. I believe that Allen will continuously benefit from the holistic education that Huili offers. 


Apart from academic achievement, Allen has also become a more mature and inclusive person in life. For instance, the boarding experience teaches him the way to live in harmony with his roommate and show respect to others, which helps to build his character.


Huili School Hangzhou treats every child as a unique individual. I hope that through his learning at Huili, Allen will learn how to form his own opinion and hold onto his choice, creating a unique world of his own.