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Congratulations to our new academic scholar

15 Apr 2021

By adhering to the educational vision of “cultivating virtuous and capable pupils by benevolence and spreading wisdom widely”, Huili School Hangzhou is committed to successfully combining the inherent strengths of Eastern and Western education principles, while establishing the aptitudes and skills pupils need to become successful global citizens who are inspired, intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive. Based on this vision, Huili is proud to introduce the scholarship programmes that recognise outstanding academic achievement and all-round excellence.


Today, Fairy, the new academic scholar for 2021-22 at Huili School Hangzhou shared her experience with us.



1. Tell me a little about yourself.


My name is Fairy, and I am a Grade 8 student from Huili School Hangzhou. I am proud of my school who commits to develop a well-rounded individual and create a positive learning environment. I am truly passionate about reading, which provides a world different from the real one and shows a different perspective. In addition, I enjoy music and empathetically feel touched by the emotion it delivers.



2. Are you involved in any activities at school or in your community?


I have been active in my school and community outside of the classroom, participate in public welfare activities such as appealing environmental protection and volunteering at elderly home. These activities developed me into a charitable person.


3. Tell my how you feel about being an academic scholar at Huili?


I am grateful to teachers who inspire me a lot on learning. I will continue to apply the same diligence to my studies as I have to this point, making education and service to others as my top priority. I will always remember the trust and affirmation given by the school to make me a better person and represent in front of others.



4. Who do you look up to? Who is your role model?


My role model is Ludwig van Beethoven. He was born into a poor family, and the deafness in his later years made a numerous change of his composing career. Beethoven’s desperate fate and enthusiasm towards life always encourage me to be a brave person like him.



5. Where do you see yourself in your future career?


I might be studying in Britain and start my own business in my future. I would like to contribute the money to the poor families and help them to have a better education and living environment as I am. Meanwhile, I would continue reading over my leisure, which benefit me a lot.


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