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Talented pupils | How do I learn Chinese at Huili

24 May 2021


We want all Huili students to celebrate their rich Chinese culture and establish their cultural identity. Learning Chinese is an essential link to accomplish this goal. Today, we have invited Vicky from grade 6 to share how she learns Chinese at Huili School Hangzhou.

Mr. Zhao Shuli, a prestigious Chinese writer, once wrote, “Reading, just like mining, is to search for gold in the sand land”. How do I mine gold when learning Chinese? This is what I would like to share today. I believe that input accumulation and output writing is the key in learning Chinese. 



There are four sources of input. The first is to read. Reading enriches our expression and improves our sentence structure, which allows us to properly convey our thoughts. The second source is the notes we take of the highlights in class. To preview and review is also important. I usually preview a textbook article before a class and begin my classes with questions in mind. After the class, I review the key points, words and phrases before finally looking through the notes taken. Last but not least, it also helps to learn more classic poems and essays, which I believe will be rewarding someday. After all, it is said that Rome was not built in a day. To that end, I usually study several classic poems, essays, or famous quotes from the old days twice or threee times per week. 



Next is output writing. Reading provokes thinking and supports writing. Confucius said, “They who love it are better than those who know it, and they who delight in it are better than those who love it.” An input-focused recreation allows us to bathe in the joy of learning Chinese. It is imperative to make reading a part of our lifestyle and enjoy the process of recreation through writing. 


I hope to continue improving with my schoolmates and become the best versions of ourselves.



Ms. Shi, head of primary Chinese, speaks highly of Vicky. She thinks that Vicky is in earnest and does her utmost in everything to learn Chinese well. Her passion for literature and reading has given her an edge in writing. She has participated in extended competitions, such as the writing and reading aloud contests, which has further sparked her learning enthusiasm.