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The Week Ahead

24 May 2021







This week, parents of Huili School Hangzhou were invited to attend the assembly hosted by pupils. Meanwhile, Junior High activity week is on the way. Today was the transition day for Grade 6  Pupils spent a wonderful day in Junior High with their future teachers. One of the happiest moments for educators is seeing the development in our pupils. I wish you all a nice weekend.


Helena Xin
Principal of Huili School Hangzhou





As we move into mental health awareness week on Monday, we continue to promote the importance of positive mental health.  Statistics globally reveal that over 20% of adolescents may experience a mental health problem in any given year and that over 50% of these are established by the age of 14.  It is vital that as a community we are recognising the importance of wellbeing and ensuring that necessary preventative measures as well as early intervention are put in place to protect young people. In Junior High, we are raising awareness through workshops, our wellbeing programme, assemblies and our 1:1 house tutor provision to ensure that the wellbeing of our students is maintained and supported. We continue to urge parents and families to reduce time on their their devices and work life to spend time to listen and communicate with their children.  Quality contact time can allow us the opportunity to identify changes in behaviour or thought patterns and address concerns regarding mental health, ensuring that the help that a young person may need is put in place as soon as possible. Please do remember that if you have any concerns regarding the mental health of your child, that we are available to meet with you at any time.  


Laura Perry


Head of Junior High



Junior High Upcoming Events







Assessments continue this week. Please do support at home with appropriate study time, good nutrition and sleep and of course quality family time. Pupils are working hard, as always, and enjoying demonstrating their knowledge.




Our next school event will be Children’s Day on 1st June. Here we will host our Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) Championship and other activities during the afternoon of that day. What fun.




We look forward to seeing you in class assemblies.


Mark Barlow

Head of Primary



Primary Upcoming Events






On Monday 17th the Wellington College Hangzhou U12 boys football team played Basis. The boys were dominant throughout and won 3-0. Goals were scored by Benson Z and Simon Z. 




Thursday 20th saw Huili School Hangzhou face a strong U15 netball (mixed) side from Kings. Huili School Hangzhou were triumphant winners with the score ending 9:0. 




This Saturday will see the U11 and U13 rugby teams play against Basis School. A detailed report will follow in next weeks ‘Week Ahead’.


Nathan Witter


Director of Sports





“Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit and never dies” – Edward Bulwer-Lytton. 




Our first ever musical is taking shape. We are so fortunate to have a fantastic team working towards offering our students the best experience in musical production. 




Huili students are working hard, attending extra practice times during the week. We have in total 117 students (including WCIH) taking part in this exciting production. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Friends of Huili who are actively supporting our production.



Save the date 



“Madagascar, A Musical Adventure Jr.”




Wednesday 9th June and

Thursday 10th June at 6.00pm

Saturday 12th June at 11.00am


演员表 Cast


狮子亚历克斯 Alex the lion – Aimee Z

斑马马蒂 Marty the zebra – Alice M

河马格洛丽亚 Gloria the hippo – Vicky R

长颈鹿麦尔曼 Melman the giraffe – Leo Y



狮子亚历克斯 Alex the lion – Aimee Z

斑马马蒂 Marty the zebra – Cindi Y

河马格洛丽亚 Gloria the hippo – Kitty Z

长颈鹿麦尔曼 Melman the giraffe – Susan M



上半场 First half

狮子亚历克斯 Alex the lion – Aimee Z

斑马马蒂 Marty the zebra – Alice M

河马格洛丽亚 Gloria the hippo – Vicky R

长颈鹿麦尔曼 Melman the giraffe – Leo Y


下半场 Second half

狮子亚历克斯 Alex the lion – Aimee Z

斑马马蒂 Marty the zebra – Cindi Y

河马格洛丽亚 Gloria the hippo – Kitty Z

长颈鹿麦尔曼 Melman the giraffe – Susan M




Kind reminder that the Summer Carnival is taking place next Saturday 29th May. Music and dance performances will be taking place on the main stage from 11.00am to 4.00pm. Come and support our fellow Wellingtonians.


Alejandro Montoya


Director of Performing Arts