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Huili top of the 2021 Forbes China school selection for Hangzhou

24 May 2021



On May 18, Forbes China United Milu Education Group and Bank of China officially released the 2021 annual list of international schools, selecting the top 100 international schools with the best comprehensive strength in the country. This is the first time that Forbes China has released the list of international schools in Chinese mainland region. After comprehensively considering the financial strength, hardware and software level, further study situation, teachers' strength, school characteristics and social reputation of each school, it has entered the top 100 international schools from North China, East China, Central China and South China, trying to provide more valuable information for parents when choosing schools but also for overseas university admissions officers and international school teachers to provide more comparison and reference.



Huili School Hangzhou are thrilled to be voted the top school in Hangzhou and listed as 58 across North China, East China, Central China and South China after just three years in operation. This is credit to our highly experienced staff, parental trust in the school, being part of an experienced and highly successful group of schools but most of all having engaging, enthusiastic and talented young students at Huili School Hangzhou.


We would also like to express our sincere thanks to Ms. Shi Lan, founder of Y-CITY Global Innovation Academy, for being the judge of the annual selection of international schools and providing objective and impartial support for the selection results.