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Huili School Hangzhou launches its pre-A level course

03 Jun 2021

Adhering to our philosophy of cultivating talent through virtue, kindness and integrity, Huili School Hangzhou will start its pre-A level course this September for Junior High graduates. The pre-A level course covers English, Chinese, maths, art and university guidance to support students without previous experience in learning international courses to adapt. After a year of intensive preparation in grade 10, pre-A level students will be taught A Level courses in grades 11 and 12, and embark on their journey to world-class universities.



A Level


A Levels are regarded globally as the gold standard for post-16 qualifications; they offer genuine academic rigour and challenge by allowing students to dig deeper into their chosen fields of study. A Levels are designed to give teachers and students the chance to burrow deeper into the subject material, a prospect that the broader post-16 qualifications cannot hope to achieve. Students are also given an excellent grounding in the form of teaching they will experience at university, with the emphasis placed on developing research skills, fostering an explicit expectation that the best learners will go beyond the curriculum to examine new and exciting concepts and ideas as part of their preparation for university. There is a common misapprehension that A Level qualifications are only attractive to universities in the UK because they are a British qualification. This is far from the truth, as they are widely accepted in universities and colleges from across the US, Canada, Australia and all across Europe.



Although we have not had our first graduates in Huili School Hangzhou, our China group of  schools have achieved wonderful results in their 2021 university applications. 75 graduates from the class 2021  in Tianjin and Shanghai have received 15 offers from the world top 10 universities. Wellington College Tianjin has become the only school in Tianjin to have received offers from Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy League universities. Besides these schools, Wellingtonians have also obtained offers in majors like performing and visual arts. from world-class art colleges. All these have demonstrated that after receiving years of holistic education, Wellington graduates have achieved success in culture, science, arts and many other areas. As a member of Wellington China family, Huili School Hangzhou shares the educational resources with its sister schools and works with them to provides university guidance for Huili students, supporting them to achieve success in the years to come.



To realise the saying, ‘what is gained from the society should be returned to society’, Huili School Hangzhou has launched the Shuping Scholarship and academic scholarships that are worth millions of RMB for the outstanding pupils taking our pre-A levels courses. We hope that our scholarship programmes can help to introduce pupils to a world where they are inspired to explore their individuality and reach their potential. We are looking for students who are academically inclined and eager to learn with independent thinking skills, excellent character and a global perspective. 


As the highest-level scholarship programme in Wellington College China, the Shuping scholarship is open to students from Chinese working-class families. Students with both excellent character and academic results are welcome to apply. Taking their family situation into account, the Shuping can cover the full tuition fees offering a scholarship of 100%. 


Under the academic scholarship programme, awards of up to 50% of the annual tuition fees will be offered to applicants who can demonstrate a consistent and proven track record of excellent academic performance.


For more information about our pre-A level course, please scan the code below and fill the enquiry form. We will contact you to arrange a tour.