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Huili School Hangzhou 2021-22 Grade 1 Admissions announcement

08 Jun 2021


Huili School Hangzhou offers a world-class bilingual education that promotes both academic and personal development. Huili pupils have experienced rapid progress in all areas due to our education ethos, immersive bilingual environment, and a wide range of co-curricular activities.


The Grade 1 enrolment process at Huili School Hangzhou will officially open from 15th to 18th June. As all Primary schools in Hangzhou will adopt the online enrolment system, please make sure to complete the procedures accordingly within the designated time. In this article, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions.


Enquiry Form

If you would like to attend a school in action event, please register your interest in the following enquiry form:



Admissions Plan for 2021/22

Grade 1120 pupils (5 classes, 24 pupils per class).


Children born from September 1st, 2014 to August 31st, 2015 who meet the enrolment policy of Hangzhou Education Bureau.

A limited number of spaces are also available for transferring pupils in other grades as well as outstanding pupils that meet the enrolment policy requirements of the Hangzhou Education Bureau. Please contact the admissions office for more information.


Tips for successful registration

15th-18th June: The online G1 application starts from 9:00 to 21:00. Please log in to Hangzhou G1 Management System (https://xxbm.hzedu.gov.cn/) and select Huili School Hangzhou.  


Children who meet one of the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  1. Children of households registered in Xiaoshan.

  2. The child(ren) or one of their parents own(s) and live(s) in a residential house of independent ownership in Xiaoshan.

  3. The child(ren) or one of their parents has/have Residence Permit(s) in Zhejiang with a Xiaoshan address.

  4. Children with Xueji registered in Xiaoshan.

  5. Children of all ‘level talents’ whose service locations are based in Xiaoshan counties and streets (platforms).

  6. Children meeting other relevant requirements. 


14th July: The 1st round computer-generated list is published. This is for students in Xiaoshan.


15th July: The supplementary online application starts for private schools with remaining spots for G1. This is for Hangzhou students outside of Xiaoshan district. 


22nd July: The supplementary enrolment list generated by computer for private schools is published.



Frequently asked questions


What are your tuition fees? What additional fees are required? Do you have registration fees?

The timeline for the publication of the school fee structure is dependent on the Price Bureau’s approval. Our tuition fee is set in line with the excellent education model we offer, world class environment in which pupils will learn and the exceptional teachers who will serve our pupils and family.


Additional fees apart from the tuition fee include school meals, uniforms, bus, boarding, excursions and other activities. Huili School Hangzhou does not charge or accept any application or admissions fees. You should not pay any sum of money (in cash or in kind) or give gifts to any individual as part of the application process.


Huili School Hangzhou only accepts applications directly from a family and not via any agent or similar educational establishment. Any agent or individual claiming that they have a preferential admissions relationship with Huili School Hangzhou should be reported to the school office by email to admissions.hsh@huilieducation.cn.



How are your grade levels divided?


Huili Nursery Hangzhou operates from Early Years 1 through to Early Years 4. Children entering Early Years 1 must be at least 2 years of age as of 1st September in the year they join. After completing their nursery journey, children can move into Huili School Hangzhou, where they start their primary school journey from Grade 1. Primary school at Huili School Hangzhou runs from Grade 1 to Grade 6. After primary school, children enter Junior High, which covers Grades 7 to 9. In Grade 9, children begin an important transition year, because in Grade 10 they will undertake the IGCSE examinations. After IGCSE, Huili pupils complete their A Levels, graduating in Grade 12 from Senior High well prepared to enter the best universities around the world.



What subjects will be offered in Grades 1-9. How much English will there be?

Huili School Hangzhou adheres to the curriculum standards as laid out by the Chinese National Curriculum and enhances it by Huili’s unique educational philosophy. Lessons at Huili are enquiry-based with a focus on improving pupils’ understanding. In addition to regular courses like Chinese, English, Mathematics, Science, Chinese Social Studies that encompass History and Geography, Music, Sports and Art, Huili pupils also learn distinctive Huili courses, such as Theme, Wellbeing, Drama, English Social Studies, sports and performing arts. We also provide over 200 school-based optional courses, including Lego, robotics, English speech, English drama, kayaking, archery, pop band, orchestra, and so on.



Is the Huili School Hangzhou curriculum strictly UK based? My child may plan to study high school in USA or Canada after completing primary school in Huili School Hangzhou. Can grades and transcripts achieved at Huili School Hangzhou be recognized in these countries?

Learning at Huili School Hangzhou will provide pupils upon graduation with internationally recognised qualifications that are applicable across the globe. They have equal value in the UK, US, Canada and many other countries. Indeed, Wellington College China schools boast an excellent track record of pupils securing places in Ivy league universities in the US along with leading universities in the UK.



What textbooks will be used at Huili School Hangzhou? 

All textbooks used are based on the curriculum syllabuses of compulsory education and are enriched by textbooks meeting Huili standard, with various well-developed online resources integrated into the curriculum. Each Huili pupil is provided with an individual account with access to the school eLibrary and other designated learning websites. Teachers will select appropriate teaching resources for subject themes in accordance with the specific demands of the pupils.



What time does school start and end in a school day?

A typical school day at Huili School Hangzhou starts at 7.30am, when pupils may enter the campus for morning exercise, followed by class or House-based activities. Regular classes commence from 8.00am to 3.00pm. Wellbeing sessions and optional lessons take place 3.00pm to 4.00pm. The school day finishes at 4.10pm. Boarders may return to school after 5.30pm on Sundays and leave the school after 4.30pm on Fridays.



What is the relationship between Wellington College in England and Huili School Hangzhou? What is Wellington College’s involvement in the operations of Huili School Hangzhou? 

Wellington College and Wellington College China hold a uniquely close relationship at all levels from governance to pupil and faculty exchanges. This allows us to maintain adherence to the Huili values and identity. Wellington College China provides education services to operate Huili School Hangzhou. This includes all aspects of the education offered and provided. The close relationship with Wellington College allows for exchange of ideas, professional learning and ensuring we uphold our values, identity and the highest quality of education.