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Meet our academic scholar William

23 Jun 2021

Huili School Hangzhou will start its pre-A level course this September for Junior High graduates. The pre-A level course covers English, Chinese, maths, art and university guidance to support students without previous experience in learning international courses to adapt. After a year of intensive preparation in grade 10, pre-A level students will be taught A Level courses in grades 11 and 12 and embark on their journey to world-class universities.


For more information about our scholarship programmes and our pre A level course, please scan the code below to attend our information session on Wednesday 30th June at 9.30am.


By adhering to the educational vision of “cultivating virtuous and capable pupils by benevolence and spreading wisdom widely”, Huili School Hangzhou is committed to successfully combining the inherent strengths of Eastern and Western education principles, while establishing the aptitudes and skills pupils need to become successful global citizens who are inspired, intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive. Based on this vision, Huili is proud to introduce the scholarship programmes that recognise outstanding academic achievement and all-round excellence.


Finance should not be a barrier to accessing the best education for any child, therefore Huili School Hanghzou launched the Shuping Scholarship. This offers families with talented children the opportunity to access the very best education. In addition, academic scholarships are also available for  outstanding pupils taking our pre-A levels courses. We hope that our scholarship programmes can help to introduce pupils to a world where they are inspired to explore their individuality and reach their potential. We are looking for students who are academically inclined and eager to learn with independent thinking skills, excellent character and a global perspective.


Today, William, the new academic scholar for 2021-22 at Huili School Hangzhou shared his experience with us.



Q: Tell me a little about yourself. 


A: Hello, my name is William Z from 7E. I have studied at Huili school for one and a half years and I enjoy my time at Huili very much. I have a wide range of interests. For example, reading books, playing the guitar and travelling.



Q: Are you involved in any activities at school or in your community?


A: Yes, I am. I am a member of the school rugby team. Furthermore, I always participate in other school activities, such as the sports day, the Mid-autumn festival assembly,  science week and house competitions. These different activities make me more confident.



Q: Tell my how you feel about being an academic scholar at Huili School Hangzhou?


A: First, I am very happy and proud to be an academic scholar at Huili. Yes, it is impressive. The academic scholarship is an honour for me, it means my teachers have recognized my performance. It encourages me to study harder in the future.



Q: Who do you look up to? Who is your role model?


A: My role model is Stephen Hawking. He was one of the greatest physicists of the twentieth century. Hawking was paralyzed, unable to speak and only have three fingers he was able to move. I admire him for his optimism and positive spirit. I learned from him that I cannot give up when I am facing any problems.


Q: Where do you see yourself in your future career?


A:I plan to go to university in the United States. I think, in the future, the world will be more globalised. There will be more cooperation between different countries. I will learn about different knowledge, cultures, and skills. I hope I can help to make a better world.



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