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Library updates | Student success and summer reading

30 Jun 2021

As we approach the summer holidays, it is a great time to reflect on how our learners have interacted with the library service this year. I have some wonderful memories from this year of seeing previously shy readers progress in their exploration of different genres, series and authors, and grow to become avid book lovers. Seeing the eyes of a student light up when you show them a book that is just what they are looking for will never get old. 

  During this academic year, the library service has: 

■ circulated over 100,000 physical books

 circulated around 7,000 eBooks

 had over 20,000 database visits 

 supported countless service requests for lesson support, readers' advisory and research instruction


Parents play a significant role in building the reading habits on which our students will grow. There is very clear evidence from decades of research that enjoyment of reading and reading regularly is a strong indicator of academic success – even more so than socioeconomic status (OECD, 2002). It is also true that by valuing reading, books and engagement with many forms of literature outside of school, parents can set a clear example. The process of making a child a reader is best started young, but it is never too late. Even as children grow into teenagers, they can enjoy sharing stories together at bedtime. 



Some key tips of supporting reading at home include:


  • Build the reading habit early

  • Set an example by regularly reading as an adult, and encourage other adults in your child's life to do the same

  • Show enthusiasm for reading

  • Value books and reading outside of school

  • Allow children space to make personal choices - there is clear evidence that reader interest in the material is a key factor in their continuing to read

  • Make reading part of every single day - even small chunks of time make a big difference

  • Read to your child, even as they grow older

  • Join the public library, explore the shelves together and make use of the librarians' expertise in choosing books

  • Travel with a book and take advantage of short periods of time to ‘steal time’ for reading


All our students in Huili School Hangzhou have been set a summer reading challenge, and they have also been given a booklet in which to record their reading. The older students have been given a little more challenge in that they are expected to try a minimum number of books from a range of genres and formats. More details can be found inside the challenge booklet. If you would like a digital copy, please email the library (library.hangzhou@wellingtoncollege.cn) and we will happily send you a copy. 



To support summer reading, the Wellington College Hangzhou library service is trialing summer lending. In addition to this, readers have access to our eLibrary throughout the summer. The eLibrary provides eBooks, magazines, databases, encyclopedias and more. Readers log into most resources with their school email and password. 



The eLibrary is available by scanning the following QR code.



The library catalogue can be found by scanning the following QR code. 



One of our core eBook services is Sora, which is available through web browsers and is also available as an app in the Apple store. Sora is also used by Hangzhou Library and Zhejiang Library to provide eBooks, so readers with membership to those libraries can access even more reading materials.



The library can also support with recommended reading for your child, and regularly updates suggested reading lists on the library catalogues. You can find these by scanning the following QR code. 



I wish you a happy summer of reading and look forward to exploring more in reading and research with your child next term.