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Celebrating the centenary of the Communist Party of China

05 Jul 2021

As the 2020-21 academic year comes to an end, we welcome and celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China.


Education is the foundation of the hundred-year legacy. General Secretary Xi Jinping expressed his aspiration for China's future during a visit to Tsinghua University recently, during which he said, "We should strengthen our cultural confidence, showcasing the beauty of our culture as we strengthen international cultural exchange."


With over a decade of experience in China's education industry, Wellington College China remains dedicated to providing the best bilingual education and nurturing well-rounded, future-orientated talent who will help to build bridges between China and the rest of the world.


Looking back at the past year, all schools across Wellington College China have held a variety of activities to celebrate the country’s traditional cultures and help our pupils broaden their horizons. We hope that by doing so we can encourage them to truly realise our dictum, “A proud tradition. Education for the future."


Never forget our mission

As a tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party, Huili School Shanghai's Chinese Drama Club created the play The Age of Awakening based on the drama series which bears the same name and the film The Founding of the Party. Through the three acts of ‘Awakening’, ‘Seeking Change’ and ‘New Life’, the play depicts events that occurred between the New Culture Movement, the May Fourth Movement and the founding of the Communist Party.


Through rehearsing this play, our pupils were able to experience the journey of the most influential figures of the times and portray their patriotism and the spirit of the Communist Party. The play allows us to consider the impact of that time on China today. Party history and culture are profound and worthy of study. They help pupils to better reflect on the present and identify the source of motivation, mission and goals. It is worth mentioning that the play won the grand prize at the ‘Red Scarf Towards the Party’ drama exhibition activity hosted by the Pudong New Area Youth Work Committee as well.

In the ‘Learn the history of the Party, strengthen your beliefs and follow the Party’ theme, Huili Shanghai invited an engineer of the "Two Bombs and One Star" project and a veteran who fought America to aid North Korea. They told pupils and teachers about their revolutionary struggles, making them realise that behind the great changes in the country were the struggle and sacrifice of numerous communists. They were inspired by their firm belief in the revolution and their love for the Party and the country.


Strengthening our cultural confidence

Our Junior High pupils awakened audiences' cultural memory with a series of performances that reinterpreted the stories behind China's many national treasures, from the Shang Dynasty's Min fanglei vessel to the Wangong Palanquin of modern history.


We hope that through these learning opportunities, our pupils will commune with our rich heritage to gain greater confidence in their cultural identity.

Preserving traditions

Every year, our Wellington College China schools host a wealth of events such as Chinese New Year celebrations and Chinese Week to encourage pupils to embrace the traditional Chinese culture.

This year, a team of staff from Wellington College Tianjin celebrated Dragon Boat Festival by participating and placing third in Tianjin's famous dragon boat race on the Haihe River. The race was an excellent opportunity for the team to embrace Chinese culture.


As with the previous years, our Wellington Shanghai pupils took to the stage for their annual CNY performance, during which they had treated the school to a traditional dragon dance. The annual CNY Charity auction was also held as part of the festivities. Many ox-themed artworks created by our Wellington Shanghai pupils were exhibited and auctioned for a good cause.


At Wellington College China, we are proud of the bilingual education we deliver to our pupils. Not only are our Huili bilingual curriculums specially designed to cater to all Chinese pupils' needs, our Wellington English curriculums are carefully adapted to include Chinese teaching for both our native and non-native speaking pupils as well. This is especially true for our Wellington Hangzhou teachers. Pupils are encouraged to converse in Chinese during and after classes. This ensures that they get as much practice as possible in all their receptive and productive skills.


Developing all-round aesthetic skills

The ‘aesthetics test for all Junior High students by 2022’ initiative has been a popular point of discussion among parents. The ‘Opinions on Extensively Strengthening and Improving the Aesthetic Education in Schools in the New Era’ published by the General Office of the Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council last year stresses the need to pass on China’s enduring cultures by incorporating aesthetic education in all stages of school. Taking enhancing pupils’ all-round aesthetic skills as objective, educators should nurture pupils who will excel in all fields of morality, knowledge, physical attainment, artistry and practical skills, and contribute to the development of socialism in the country when they grow up. At Wellington and Huili, we attach great importance to arts, sports and music education and offer a wide range of CCA courses to foster pupils' interests in these areas. Looking back at a year of teaching at Wellington College China, we are proud that the traditional arts and cultural education we provide at our schools are perfectly in line with the suggestions stated in this document.


In relation to the above suggestions, Huili School Shanghai offers a selection of CCA courses on Beijing and Kunqu Opera every year. This year, Huili Shanghai is especially honoured to have invited Kunqu opera performer and UNESCO Artist for Peace Mr Jun Zhang to the school for a Kunqu opera cultural salon with parents, pupils and teachers.


Our Wellington College Tianjin pupils performed the Chinese classicThunderstorm. These learning opportunities enable our pupils to strengthen their own cultural identity and become excellent world citizens with strong roots who will, in turn, share these cultures to a wider audience all over the world.


the 100th Anniversary of 

the Communist Party of China

Looking back at our history, it is easy to notice that many significant figures in modern Chinese history have blended cultural backgrounds. 100 years since the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, globalisation has become the norm. A bilingual education is now highly prized for children to develop essential skills needed in the future world.


As Ms Joy Qiao, Founder and Chairman of Wellington College China said in her address at our 2021 Festival of Education:


I want to found a school that combines the best from education in the East and West. Now, our Wellington schools have grown reputations as international schools that value Chinese education the most. Drawing on the best of Wellington, our Huili schools are dedicated to helping pupils further hone their bilingual skills whilst still cultivating a strong sense of their Chinese identity. I hope that upon graduating, our Huili pupils will be able work and live abroad confidently and competently. When they return to China, they will contribute steadfastly to the nation's prosperity.

At Wellington College China, bilingual education is not just about learning languages, it is about building bridges between cultures.