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Message from the Principal



Physical education is a subject that can improve pupils’ physical fitness, build their willpower, and enhance teamwork skills. This week, Huili School held their Sports Day, where our pupils demonstrated good sportsmanship and high spirit. We were impressed by their fantastic performance, persistent courage, focused looks and smiling faces.


国内外高校都非常推崇体育教育与体育精神,因为体育的核心是人格的塑造。柏拉图说,“身体教育和知识教育之间必须保持平衡。体育应造就体格健壮的勇士,并且使健全的精神寓于健全的体格。” 哈佛医学院教授约翰·瑞迪在其《运动改造大脑》一书中指出,“运动是学习最佳的准备,运动能激活孩子用来学习的所有大脑细胞,它唤醒整个大脑。” 中国亦有源远流长的体育教育传统,出自《周礼》的六艺——礼、乐、射、御、书、数中的“射”与“御”都为体育教育。一个体育能力卓越的学生,会被认为具备良好的身体素质、强大的心理素质、优秀的沟通能力、时间管理能力、团队合作能力以及领导力。他不但懂得如何去竞争,勇于超越个人极限,争取团队胜利,分享团队胜利喜悦;也懂得尊重对手,坦然接受失败,并及时反思,随时为下一次比赛做好准备。而拥有这些优秀的品质,未来将更容易获得成功。

Universities at home and abroad highly value physical education and sportsmanship as the core of sports shapes personality. Plato once said, there must be a balance between physical education and academic education. Sports should make strong warriors and a sound mind in a sound body. The book SPARK, written by John Ratey, a professor at Harvard Medical School, says, “Exercise is the best preparation for study. Physical activity helps the brain learn.” There is also a long tradition of physical education in China. In Rites of Zhou, there are Six Arts, including Rites, Music, Archery, Chariotry, Calligraphy, Mathematics, among which two are related to physical education. An athlete pupil is considered good physical quality, solid mental strength, excellent communication skills, time management skills, teamwork, and leadership skills. S/he not only knows how to compete, challenge personal limits, strive for the team victory and share the joy of team victory; Also understand how to respect opponents, accept failure, reflect in time, and be ready for the next game at any time. With all these traits, s/he will succeed in the future more easily.



In Huili School, pupils can improve their physical fitness, build their willpower, understand the relationship between cooperation and competition, and cultivate teamwork spirit and sense of belonging through the systematic physical education and health courses, combined with CCA and various sports activities. We hope that every pupil takes sports as a lifelong hobby and enjoys the unique charm of sports.


经过几周的筹备,下周四我们的 “惠立之友”家委会(FOH)将在高中部为家长们组织一次油画展及艺术论坛,预祝本次活动举办圆满成功,家长们在欣赏艺术作品的过程中,进行良好互动与交流,助力构建良好的惠立家长社群。

After weeks’ preparation, FOH will hold an art forum and oil paintings exhibition next Thursday in Sixth Form Centre. I hope this event is a great success. Parents can enjoy interactions whilst appreciating artworks, contributing to making a positive Huili community.




Ivey Wang

Principal of Huili School Hangzhou




Sixth Form Matters



Deciding to study at a university abroad is a bold and exciting one. Often students conjure up images of tree-lined paths leading to gothic structures with centuries’ worth of history. They imagine themselves walking into grand lecture theatres and wondering which brilliant minds sat in their very seats before them. However, what is difficult to visualise for high school pupils is the everyday life at university. The following questions may not have crossed pupils’ minds just yet but are certainly worth researching into to give a greater chance of success and happiness at university.


  • 我会和谁一起生活? 我会住在哪里?

  • Whom will I be living with? Where will I be living?

  • 会有导师小组吗? 我需要每天签到吗?

  • Will there be a tutor group? Do I need to register every day?

  • 我的课程会是什么样的? 如果我有问题怎么办?

  • What will my lectures be like? What do I do if I don’t understand something?

  • 学校是如何评估学生的?

  • How will I be assessed?


每年都有学生因为自己的大学不符合自我预期而退学。英国新闻联合社数据显示,在其所调查的150所高校中有100所学校的辍学率均有所提升,比率竟高达67%。在申请大学时,学生自然会遇到不熟悉的体系,会迷茫、信心不足;但是,只要做好准备,学生就能冷静、积极地迎接这种新体验。英国文化协会(British Council)提供名为“英国学习:准备在英国学习和生活”的免费在线课程,帮助申请英国的国际学生提前了解英国大学的学习环境和教学方法。该课程已于11月15日(周一)启动。请点击链接,了解更多信息。

Every year students decide to withdraw from their university course because it was not what they had expected. Data analysed by the Press Association found that 100 higher education institutions – or 67 percent of the 150 universities and colleges researched – saw an increase in the proportion of students dropping out. Our pupils will undoubtedly encounter unfamiliar systems that will throw them off balance and lower their confidence; however, with the correct preparation, they should also tackle these new experiences with a level head and positive attitude. The British Council offers a free online course to help international students apply to the UK provide the learning environment and teaching methods in universities before arriving in the country. The course is titled ‘Study UK: Prepare to Study and Live in the UK’ and begins on Monday 15 November. Please click here to find out more.


该课程由雷丁大学的学术英语教师Brian Turner开设,旨在为学生提供在英国学习和发展所需的一切帮助。课程将介绍英语学习和高等教育课程的结构,让学生对未来的学习生活有产生清晰的概念。该课程同时还有助于培养学生的自学能力,让学生提前了解英伦生活的点滴。

The course is led by Brian Turner, an Academic English Teacher from the University of Reading. This course is designed to give you all the help you need to study and thrive in the UK. You will become familiar with learning in English and how higher education courses are structured, gaining a clear understanding of what to expect. You will also develop self-study skills whilst getting a taste of life in the UK.



Though it may seem early to be looking into the practicalities of studying abroad, I believe that you cannot overprepare for such an essential stage of life. Therefore, I think this course would be helpful for students aiming to study in the UK and for parents who intend to send their child to the UK for university and would like to find out more about the potential challenges their child may face.


榜样的力量——Jerry Liu

An Audience with Jerry Liu


上周,我们举办了第二期“榜样的力量”,幸运地邀请到曼彻斯特大学管理系学生Jerry Liu来到高中部,向九、十年级学生讲述他在A Level阶段的学习和大学生活。他谈到,从成绩公布到收到大学录取通知书,他的心情有如坐过山车一般起起伏伏。他讲述了自己如何用新的方式来追求对音乐的热爱,展示了自己的住处,讲述了大一年级时的在线课程。虽然Jerry只有19岁,但他心智成熟,为学生提了一些不错的建议:

The second instalment of our ‘An Audience with…’ series took place last week. We were fortunate that Jerry Liu, a Management student at the University of Manchester, came into our new Sixth Form Centre to talk about his A-Level journey and university experiences to our Grade 9, Grade 10 and Pre A-Level pupils. He spoke about the rollercoaster ride of emotions that he felt between results day and when he was offered his place at university. Jerry also shared personal stories of finding new ways to pursue his love of music; he showed our pupils what his accommodation was like and spoke candidly about his first year being through online lectures. Despite only being 19 years old, Jerry had a mature head on his shoulders and gave our pupils some sound advice:

  • 追随梦想

  • Follow your dream

  • 大学不是终点,而是起点

  • University is not the end, but only the beginning

  • 享受学校生活

  • Enjoy school

  • 做自律的大学生

  • Act with self-discipline at university



Calling all creative students



The National Portfolio Day Association is hosting online events for creative students to meet, one-on-one, with top art and design colleges and universities like Paris College of Art, and participate in virtual events to be inspired, make connections, and gain advice about improving presenting their portfolios. 




Students can click here to register. See the full schedule below.



Undergraduate Online Events (for High School students and High School graduates)

  • 11月20日(周六)下午1点至5点(美国东部时间)

  • Saturday, 20 November, 1:00-5:00pm ET

  • 12月10日(周五) 上午11点至下午5点(美国东部时间)

  • Friday, 10 December, 11:00am-5:00pm ET

  • 1月9日(周日)下午1点至5点(美国东部时间)

  • Sunday, 9 January, 1:00pm-5:00pm ET

  • 2月18日(周五)下午晚上8点至凌晨12点(美国东部时间)

  • Friday, 18 February, 8:00pm-12:00am ET

  • 3月12日(周六)下午1点至5点(美国东部时间)

  • Saturday, 12 March, 1:00pm-5:00pm ET

  • 5月21日(周六)下午1点至5点(美国东部时间)

  • Saturday, 21 May, 1:00pm-5:00pm ET



Hatty Leung


Head of Sixth Form



Junior High Matters



Accelerating the academic progress of our pupils in Junior High is a priority, as they reach their formal examination years. In Huili, we use data to track our pupils and ensure that we are carefully monitoring and challenging our pupils. Although data shows that our Grade 9 and 10 pupils have made over three levels of progress in English, on average, over the past two years, we continue to strive for further improvement and development in our practices. Using English and becoming confident in using this second language for our pupils is key to ensuring that they are truly bilingual.




Thank you to everyone who attended the English meet the teacher event this week to learn more about how we are increasing this use of English and how the curriculum supports the English language development for our pupils. If you cannot attend, we will send the presentation to all parents to see the shared information.



Next week we look forward to sharing China’s past, with Grade 7 taking us back to the Song Dynasty in their pupil-led Chinese Social Studies exhibition. Please join us to celebrate the work that the pupils have created and the activities they have prepared.

JH Events.PNG


Laura Perry


Head of Junior High



Upper Primary Matters

maths 3.png
Maths 1.png
Maths 2.png



It is delighted to see that pupils have learned a lot from the project research activities held in Maths Week. In the Huili Maths Curriculum plan, the teaching target is by no means limited to the training of examination ability; it focuses more on developing pupils’ learning habits, maintaining pupils learning enthusiasm, and the transfer and application of knowledge. Furthermore, through scientific and comprehensive curriculum design, our target is to guide pupils to actively think about the connection between subject knowledge and personal interest and get into the habit of exploring independently. As a result, we hope pupils will be happy to share the learning process and become lifelong learners with independent thinking abilities.



We observed that, in the beginning, pupils were confused when they received the tasks, but gradually, they had their ideas and learned how to use Google and Baidu to search and collect materials. They even had more and more creative ideas and understandings. Most importantly, our pupils learned how to cooperate with others to complete the tasks. In the process, we discovered that pupils’ abilities in teamwork, organisational skills, leadership, negotiation, communication, problem-solving, and public speaking had all improved. Teachers that observed these events were happy with the pupils’ progress.



本周, 惠、贤、立、德、思,各个学院的运动小健儿们为自己的学院赢得学院奖杯而奋力拼搏。我们相信通过运动会,惠立学子们可以积极发掘自己的运动潜能,在体育运动中获得耐挫力与信心的成长,拥有更加自信坚定的信念。

Young athletes from Hui house, Xian house, Li house, De house and Si house are striving for their house trophies this week. We believe that Huili pupils can actively explore their sports potential through Sports Day, gain persistence and confidence in sports, and have firmer beliefs.


“勇气、尊重、正直、善良、责任” 的惠立价值观在每一场比赛中得到体现。无论场内还是场外,惠立学子都将通过体育运动获得更多可迁移技能,在面对将来日益复杂的环境时,成为一个健康、积极而充实的人。

All Huili values: “Courage, Respect, Integrity, Kindness and Responsibility” are demonstrated in every competition. Therefore, Huili pupils gain lots of applicable skills through physical education either by joining competitions or supporting behind, which will benefit them to become healthy, positive and fulfilled individuals when facing an increasingly complicated situation in the future.




   Tracey Zheng

Head of Primary



Lower Primary Matters



Within our lower primary school, a child’s writing and language development mutually benefit when they are invited to craft writing amongst their teachers and peers every day.



Engaging in daily and meaningful talk and writing is an engaging and meaningful way to develop children’s English language skills. Our English sessions are planned so that pupils can talk and collaborate during writing time and provide an opportunity for our children to talk, share their thoughts and imaginations as they write – improving both language development and, as necessary, their reported outcomes. For example, children who experience meaningful talk as they write go on to write richer and more sophisticated texts.



One of the main inspirations for Huili School Hangzhou approaches to English is talk four writing. Our schools adopt it as we believe that talk gives children more working memory for writing. In addition, the relationships and dialogue between children assist them in deciding what to say and how to encode it.



An environment that is rich in talk, where children are supported and encouraged to tell their friends, teachers and community about happenings and events in their own lives, their thoughts, ideas and knowledge they bring into school, and their imaginations that come to life is the foundation of a deep, rich and meaningful English writing learning.


在家里,您可以从以下方面支持孩子的“以说促写”学习活动。(Young 和 Ferguson 建议)

Suggestions to support talk four writing at home as suggested by (Young & Ferguson in press):


  • 阐述想法——学生在写作时与他人分享他们计划写作的内容

  • Idea explaining: Children share what they plan to write about during the session with others.

  • 文本彩排——学生向自己讲述自己即将写下的内容,包括大声朗读个别词汇。家庭成员可以聆听、评论、给予支持和反馈。

  • Personal text rehearsal: Children talk to themselves about what they are about to write down. This may include encoding individual words aloud. Family members may listen in, comment, offer support or give feedback.

  • 文本核对——学生朗读当前已写下的内容,其他成员聆听、评论、给予支持和反馈。

  • Text checking: Children tell or read back what they’ve written so far, and others listen in, comment, offer support or give feedback.

  • 成果展示——孩子与他人分享文本、公布文本并庆祝成果。

  • Performance: Children share their texts with others as an act of celebration and publication.



I wish you an English text rich weekend!


Conrad Botha


Head of Early Years and Lower Primary



Sports Matters



This week Huili hosted three amazing sports days for Lower Primary, Upper Primary, and Junior High, respectively. The focus of our G1-G3 sports day was participation and inclusiveness, ensuring that all our pupils in lower primary had the opportunity to learn critical elements of sporting activity whilst having fun. Fundamental values promoted by the PE department were teamwork and whole-school contribution, allowing the pupils to come together and gain points for their house.




G4-G6 sports day saw pupils participate in track and field events as well as inclusive, fun events. The event saw pupils show athletic skills that they had worked on within PE lessons. Specialist events allowed our best athletes to compete against each other in the 4x100m relay and the 400m.




This year we decided to increase competitiveness for our older students in G7-G10. The first athletic championships took place, which resembled an actual athletic meet. The pupils within these grades showed determination to succeed and do their personal bests. Responsibility was the critical value that we wanted to promote for sports day to encourage those pupils within championship events to be more responsible in the timekeeping of events.


Nathan Witter


Director of Sport



Performing Arts Matters



Preparations for the Chinese New Year Gala are underway. We are incorporating the performance pieces into our curriculum and learning different aspects of music: composition, appraising, performing, musical elements, improvisation, among others.



We are in the process of selecting the pupils that will have the opportunity to perform at this unique event. If your child is a consolidated musician, dancer or actor, please encourage them to sign up in the music and drama classrooms. Please save the date for the performances:


  • 一至三年级:1月20日(周四)

  • CNY Gala Grades 1, 2 and 3: Thursday 20 January

  • 四至六年级:1月20日(周四)

  • CNY Gala Grades 4, 5 and 6: Thursday 20 January

  • 七至十年级:1月21日(周五)

  • CNY Gala Grades 7, 8, 9 and 10: Friday 21 January



Due to current restrictions, each child will be given one seat in the theatre for a family member to attend. In addition, the Chinese New Year Gala will be live-streamed, so other family members in China and around the world will be able to enjoy this fantastic event.


Alejandro Montoya


Director of Performing Arts



Community Matters


The Wellington College International Hangzhou team would like to welcome Huili School Hangzhou pupils and parents to join their Winter Fair event on Sunday 28 November at 5.00pm.



Please scan the QR code in the poster to register your attendance. Please Note: All attendees must have a 14-day travel green code and green health code to enter the event.

winter fair poster with QR code_page-0001.jpg


Lindsay Bellis


Director of Admissions and Marketing


继十一月份大获成功的冬季衣服捐赠倡议后,我很高兴地告诉各位,惠灵顿杭州校区将支持国际扶轮社(Rotary Club)和新阳光慈善基金会(New Sunshine Charity Foundation)举办一年一度的玩具捐赠活动,为浙江大学医学院附属儿童医院的孩子们带去节日般的欢乐。

Following on from our incredibly successful clothes drive in November, I am really pleased to announce that Wellington College Hangzhou will be supporting the Rotary Club and the New Sunshine Charity Foundation this year with their annual toy drive, to bring some festive joy to children at the Hangzhou Hospital School.



Hangzhou Children’s Hospital (浙江大学医学院附属儿童医院) serves children from 5 to 16 years old who are battling cancer, tumours, and other life-threatening diseases that require long term treatment - the majority of these young patients are aged between 5 and 8 years old.



The winter toy drive is an event the children look forward to all year. It helps cheer them up and provides them all with some much-needed respite from their medical treatment. Last year the Rotary Club proudly achieved their goal of supplying enough toys to last the hospital the entire year. This year they are aiming to do even better - aiming to provide a one-year supply of toys to all of Hangzhou Children’s Hospital Schools across the Yangtze River Delta (and potentially even further).



We are supporting the toy drive by asking all pupils, parents and staff to donate new toys, suitable for 5 – 16-year-old children. Any items you donate will be greatly appreciated, but as these items will be going to children who are unwell there are a few criteria we have to follow:


  • 必须是未使用过的全新玩具;

  • 请勿拆封原始包装(如盒子或袋子);

  • 不建议捐赠泰迪熊等柔软的毛绒玩具,避免细菌传播;

  • 请勿使用礼品包装纸,方便医院做物品检查。

  • All toys need to be brand new and not used

  • They need to be in their original packaging (e.g. box or plastic)

  • They cannot include soft / plush toys (including teddy bears), as this material spreads germs easily

  • They cannot be wrapped in wrapping paper, as the hospital need to see what is inside

在接下来几周的班级教师时间中,我们的学生对这一活动有更多了解,并讨论惠立的善良和责任价值观,我们也将鼓励学生向他人施以援手。 我们的学生会联合主席孙同学和黄同学将协助收集所有捐赠物品,鼓励每一位学生为这项活动提供支持。

During tutor time over the next few weeks our pupils will learn more about this cause, and our school values of kindness and responsibility will be discussed as we encourage our pupils to help children less fortunate than themselves. Head Boy, Spencer and Head Girl, Hanni will be helping to collect the donations and encourage all pupils to support this activity.


如果您和您的孩子愿意支持这一活动,请在 11 月 22 日(周一)至 12 月 10 日(周五)间捐赠您准备的玩具。 所有捐赠品将收集在主楼A座3楼健身中心旁的公共空间,随后将送至扶轮社收集点。

If you and your child would like to support this cause, please donate your toy between Monday 22 November and Friday 10 December. All donations will be collected in the 3rd floor communal space of A-block, near the gym and then taken to the Rotary Club collection point.


如果您对本次活动有任何疑问,请随时与我联系 - Helen.McCann@huilieducation.cn

If you have any questions about this activity, please do not hesitate to contact me on - Helen.McCann@huilieducation.cn.



Many thanks in anticipation of your support.


Helen McCann


Assistant Head of Junior High



Service Matters


The second food committee meeting was held last Friday at Huili School Hangzhou. Parents, school representatives and the Sodexo catering team all attended and discussed the recent school catering work. Parents also took the opportunity to taste the lunch and gave positive comments on the food quality. You can click here below to learn about the catering Committee meeting.




Yesterday Huili School Hangzhou enjoyed a North-East China Food festival themed lunch: including wrapped pork, braised chicken and mushroom, fresh vegetables, tomato and egg topping noddle, sweet and sour candy gourd. So although we can not be in the North East of China, we can experience the local culture by tasting the local cuisine.




Chang Liu




Dukebox Matters


WeChat Image_20211112101017.jpg

请点击此链接 聆听校园电台节目“马蒂·詹姆斯早餐秀”“黄鼻子车秀”“摩城/摇滚秀”等等内容分享。

Please click on the link to tune in to Dukebox radio throughout the week to enjoy various shows, including “Marty James breakfast show”, “The big yellow bus show”, “Motown/Rock shows”, among others.


错过直播也不必担心,校园电台提供专属“回放”服务 。

Do not worry if you missed any live shows, as you can access them on our exclusive “Listen again” service.



Please have a look at some of the great content available in our podcast sectionHere are the most recent podcasts created by our pupils and staff.



Martin Bailey


Dukebox Presenter