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Message from the Principal




This week I would like to talk about ‘inclusive’, an important part of the Huili identity and a highly respected traditional Chinese virtue. The virtuous are friendly to each other though they hold different opinions, while the mean is hostile when they blindly follow the others. Wise men listen to all sides as all rivers run into the ocean. Being inclusive means seeking common ground while reserving differences. It is an extraordinary temperament and quality, glittering with love and kindness. 


在惠立,我们营造了一个鼓励开放思维交流、激发创新的环境, 提供机会让所有学生与老师们都能展示自己的独特观点与创意。这种多元化与包容性已经融和进惠立独有的社群文化,并不断深入我们的惠立社群。

In Huili, we build up an environment where open-minded communication is encouraged, and creativity is stimulated. We allow pupils and teachers to express their unique ideas and opinions. This diversity and inclusiveness have been integrated into the unique culture of the Huili community while continuing to deepen into the core of the community.



I look forward to seeing our Huili pupils draw strength from such an inclusive cultural atmosphere to open their horizons and develop a broad vision. 


社会学家费孝通老先生曾说:“各美其美,美人之美,美美与共,天下大同”。我们不仅要懂得各自欣赏自己创造的美,还要包容地欣赏别人创造的美,这样将各自之美和别人之美拼合在一起,实现理想中的大同美。 生活中,从个人的角度理解他人已经非常不易。而在惠立学校这样一个多元文化环境中,当面对文化差异时,我们需要付诸更大的努力来欣赏彼此的长处,实现美美与共。作为惠立社群的一员,为实现美美与共的目标,我们每个人都责无旁贷。让我们共同为之努力,从欣赏、包容他人开始做起。

The famous sociologist Mr Fei Xiaotong used to say, find your beauty and that of others; share the beauty, and achieve unity. We should strive to achieve our version of beauty while including consummating others. The beauty of self and others can be unified. Thus the world can be harmonised. It is not an easy job to understand others from a personal perspective. In Huili, we have multiple cultures. It is even more difficult to appreciate each other and reach unity when facing cultural differences. As a member of the Huili community, it is our responsibility to seek unity. Let’s continue to work together. Let’s continue to understand and appreciate each other.




Ivey Wang

Principal of Huili School Hangzhou



Sixth Form Matters



我们的升学指导Emily Deacon老师始终在为学生申请大学的过程保驾护航,不仅开展每周大学准备课,还将惠灵顿杭州校区注册成为英国大学和学院招生服务中心(UCAS)的一员。这意味着我们已经准备好在时机成熟时会寄出学生的英国大学申请。

Our university guidance counsellor, Emily Deacon, has been working hard to pave the way for our pupils to apply for university. Alongside her weekly University Preparation lessons, she has also registered Wellington College Hangzhou as a UCAS centre. We are ready to send off our pupils’ UK university applications when the time comes.




What does ‘UCAS’ stand for, and what is it

“UCAS”是英国大学和学院招生服务中心(Universities and Colleges Admissions Service)的缩写,是供学生完成英国大学申请的平台。

‘UCAS’ stands for the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. Through this platform, pupils will complete their applications for UK universities. 



What are pupils required to do through UCAS?

学生申请大学时,必须先在UCAS系统上注册、登录,填写个人信息、教育经历、资格证书(GCSE 成绩)、A Level预估分和个人陈述,并选择最终要申请的大学。学生最多可申请五门课程;申请医学、牙科或兽医科学的学生最多可申请四门课程。

When pupils apply, they must register an account with UCAS. Here, they will need to fill in their personal details, education history, qualifications (GCSEs), predicted A-Level grades, and personal statement. They will also input their final university choices. Pupils are permitted to apply for up to 5 courses, or if applying to Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science, the maximum is four courses.


什么是 "个人陈述"?

What is a 'personal statement'?


A personal statement is a written document where each pupil outlines why they are interested in applying for their particular courses. It is the only part of the pupil application process which can be personalised. It is essential to demonstrate intellectual curiosity and academic excellence and highlight your best personal attributes. The statement should be no longer than 4000 characters or 47 lines. This means it will be about 600 to 1000 words.



What can pupils be doing to prepare for their UCAS application?


The UCAS application will be sent in the autumn term of the final year at school. Therefore, this period now is all about preparation. First, pupils will need to know what they want to study and where they want to go. This means that the pupils need to think about what they enjoy and whether or not they will be happy spending a further 3 or 4 years studying this subject. Personality and interest quizzes are available on Unifrog and suggested courses and careers. Once pupils have decided upon their course, they can research different universities. It is also worth building pupil profiles by participating in extra curricular activities so that other skills such as communication and leadership can be developed.



We are thrilled to be a registered UCAS centre and are excited about guiding our pupils through a university experience they will enjoy.




Information sessions






The University of Nottingham Ningbo hosts an information session on Wednesday, 19 January, at 7:00pm. If you are interested, please sign up using the QR code.








Online Webinar run by British Council


第11场英国文化协会中国分校线上活动由伯恩茅斯艺术大学的Xavier Pick教授发起,围绕“创意空间:艺术家与环境的联系”开展。这一活动能让我们崭露头角的艺术家们体验真正的大学学习,是一场非常好的经历。

The 11th chapter in the British Council’s China Schools Virtual Campaign is an online webinar run by Professor Xavier Pick from Arts University Bournemouth on ‘Creative Space: the relationship between an artist and their environment’. It will be an excellent experience for our artists to participate in a session run by a lecturer to get a real taste of learning at university.



When: Tuesday 29 March, 7pm


Please sign up using the QR code.




Hatty Leung


Head of Sixth Form



Junior High Matters




Ensuring a smooth transition as pupils move through from Grade 6 to Grade 7 is essential. This transition process involves us working with pupils and staff and with our parents. This week, we have welcomed our Grade 6 families to the second of our transition events to ensure that parents’ questions are answered.



Next week Junior High will host its 2nd annual Chinese New Year gala on 21 January from 10:00am. We look forward to sharing this with you via video link, as we know that it will be a spectacular event for all. Junior High will also be hosting traditional games and activities in the morning of the 21st for pupils to celebrate the end of the year of the Bull and welcome the year of the Tiger.


CNY Gala_画板 1 副本.jpg



Laura Perry


Head of Junior High



Upper Primary Matters




As we draw the current year to an end and prepare ourselves to welcome all that the new year is set to bring, we are left to reflect on the events of the year of the OX. Whatever the year of the OX has brought for you, I am sure it was a year of growth. 



Here in Huili, we know that pupils have grown academically and have achieved many great things. Their teachers have just finished marking assessments, moderating their work and have been busily preparing reports to be sent home to you next week. It has been a pleasure to read about each child’s achievements and the new skills they have gained since September. When you receive your child’s report next week, you will find an overview of learning, progress and effort.



This week, the children started positively with the flag-raising ceremony and an assembly by 3B that celebrated inclusivity. We are proud of how inclusive our children are here at Huili as they embody the Identities and embrace the differences that they observe. The children who spoke were able to articulate this well in their formal presentations to the school. 


UP CNY1.jpg



As the week progressed, we started to see the Chinese department fill the school with cultural decorations. The children have grown in excitement while the international community has learned about the festival’s significance through the displays and conversations with children. We also saw how the school buzzed with excitement during our full dress rehearsal of the Chinese New Year Gala.



So, as the year of the Tiger approaches, we are reminded to reflect on our hopes, desires, expectations and New Year resolutions. These can be shared next week, along with the excitement of celebrating more of the cultural uniqueness of Chinese New Year. The children will begin to decorate their classrooms, partake in Chinese New Year Activities, sample amazing foods, wear traditional costumes and perform in the Gala. We are sure you will enjoy it.


CNY Gala_画板 1 副本 2.jpg


Charlotte Fong


Assistant Head of Primary



Lower Primary Matters




To be a successful school, we need the right team around us. So how do we recruit outstanding Huili educators?



As our school is growing and we are beginning to prepare for the next academic year, we have started recruiting outstanding bilingual teachers for the past few months. As a school, we have successfully recruited many quality teachers, and now we are looking for something unique. We want to ensure all our teachers are innovative, creative bilingual educators who focus on collaboration and a deep understanding of meaningful relationships to drive learning forward. 



How can we achieve this?



It all starts with thinking strategically. With a deep understanding of our identity, our approaches to learning and knowing our children, we have developed a profile of the type of Huili teacher we wish to employ. We have explored excellent practice in our classrooms and environments: Who are our best teachers? Why? What are their attributes, skills and dispositions? We then used these questions to create a profile of the type of teacher we believe is the best fit for your school.



We used this ‘Huili teacher profile’ to devise a set of interview questions to discover the candidates who possess the qualities we require.



How the candidate will inspire children to become innovative, creative, and problem-solvers?



Examples from the prospective teacher demonstrating a growth mindset and ’a learner,’ ’a collaborator,’ and a ‘change maker’?



Is the applicant a ‘can-do’ person, a problem solver, someone who will show persistence, flexibility and agility? What approach do they take to challenges?



How the candidate will facilitate bilingual learning for our children and community at our school?




As a school, the ability to recruit, retain, and reward the best teachers is vital for creating a stimulating, inspiring and creative learning environment for our pupils. However, it does not stop there. We actively pursue development opportunities, strengthening our skills, ongoing training, and mentoring once we have found our innovative educators.


CNY Gala_画板 1 副本 3.jpg


Conrad Botha


Head of Early Years and Lower Primary



English Department Matters



2022年已经到来,新的获奖学生名单也已出炉。本期名为“哎呀!”的创意写作大赛要求学生探讨自己犯过的错和从中汲取的经验教训。本期获奖学生是:第三名Vicky C(七年级),第二名Jessica Zh (九年级)和第一名Steve L(七年级),祝贺他们!Steve 同学的作文行文流畅、结构严谨,写出了自己犯过的错,也认真地总结了经验教训,可供读者参考,以免重蹈覆辙。欢迎大家收听本周的校园广播, 听听Steve讲述自己的亲身经历。

A new year brings a new set of creative writing winners to be celebrated. Huili learners were tasked with writing a narrative entitled ‘Oops!’, which explored a pupil’s mistake and how it may act as a learning experience. The top entries were Vicky C (Grade 7) in 3rd place, Jessica Zh (Grade 9) in 2nd place and our winner, Steve L (Grade 7). English staff were impressed with the way Steve weaved together a well-written personal narrative while offering mature wisdom and advice that our readers can take with them through their school years and beyond. So please do tune in to Dukebox Radio this week to hear Steve Li talk about his experience first-hand.



The two next writing competitions are underway: January’s invites pupils to write three pieces of poetry celebrating Chinese New Year; the second asks for an article exploring the negative implications of the internet. We look forward to reading all the upcoming entries.


WeChat Image_20220107142042.jpg



As we settle into our short term, it is undoubtedly a perfect opportunity to take a stroll through the 4th Floor at lunchtime and check out the English area. You will find a vast range of exciting displays on the walls, and if you look up, you will see every English teacher’s book recommendations hanging from the ceiling. So do take a look before your next visit to the library – let our department inspire and lead you towards your next literary journey.



Allister Edwards


English Teacher



Performing Arts Matters




We have two weeks left to say goodbye to the year of the Ox. We welcome the year of the Tiger. At Huili School Hangzhou, we embrace the year ahead with courage, one of our five Huili values. 



We are looking forward to offering our pupils new opportunities to practise this value through music, dance and drama. Performing in front of others can be very challenging. We are starting our journey to becoming courageous through the Chinese New Year Gala performances. Please open the link to listen to the bilingual podcast about the upcoming concerts on Thursday, 20 and Friday, 21 January.


CNY Gala 敬请期待.jpg


Alejandro Montoya


Director of Performing Arts



Dukebox Matters




Please click on the link below to tune into our Dukebox radio throughout the week to enjoy various shows, including “Marty James breakfast show”, “The big yellow bus show”, “Motown/Rock shows” among others - https://dukeboxradio.cn/



Don’t worry if you missed any of the live shows as you can access them on our exclusive “Listen again” service: https://dukeboxradio.cn/china-catchup/



Please have a look at some of the wonderful content available in our podcast section: https://dukeboxradio.cn/podcast-archive/  



Here are the most recent podcasts created by our pupils and staff.



Martin Bailey


Dukebox Presenter